Voice feminization speech therapy

“The voice is a second face” – Gérard Bauer

MtF Voice feminization training

Transgender Voice Therapist

Katrien Eerdekens – Speech & Voice Therapist
Voice therapy in Antwerp (Belgium), London (UK) and on Skype


Curious to hear what kind of progress you could make? Listen to these before and after audio fragments of Katrien’s patients right here, and follow this link to soundcloud to hear even more!

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What is MtF voice feminization?

MtF Voice feminization is voice therapy for the feminization of the voice. Through repeated training, MtF voice therapy brings the voice, speech and communicative behaviour in line with the gender identity of the patient. The main objective of your MtF voice feminization voice therapy is that you learn how to develop a feminine sound by mastering certain important aspects: ‘head’ resonance, lively articulation and a feminine pattern of intonation. Learning these different aspects ensures that your basic frequency, or tone, rises in a healthy manner. Non-verbal communication is important as well: your posture, behaviour and facial expressions.

“My specific focus as a speech therapist is to help you achieve control of your voice with crucial aspects such as breathing, resonance, intonation and the combination of these aspects with a natural, non-verbal communication as a woman.” – Speech therapist Katrien Eerdekens

You can discover the most important information by downloading this MtF voice training infographic and by reading this blogpost concerning the road to your feminine voice.

Hormone treatment leads to very little change in voice in MtF patients. As a transwoman, you have two options for voice feminization: speech therapy and surgery.

Katrien Eerdekens during a MtF voice therapy session

MtF Voice feminization: speech therapy or surgery?

As the first step of the MtF voice feminization process, we advise speech therapy. During these sessions, we offer professional guidance via MtF voice therapy to work on all aspects of voice feminization in a healthy manner. MtF voice feminization does not stop after the speech therapy sessions. You need to practice, and practice a lot. You can do this wherever you wish.

We would like to point out, however, that the professional guidance of a speech therapist during your MtF voice feminization process is very important. Practising without such guidance can cause irritation to your vocal chords and lead to nodules or oedema. MtF voice therapy will provide sufficiently good results for many transwomen. If this proves not to be the case for you, you will also need MtF voice feminization surgery for a higher pitch. Nevertheless, research has shown that MtF voice therapy both before and after voice feminization surgery is very important in order to obtain the best results. The better and more feminine your voice is before voice surgery, the better the voice will sound after the operation. In our experience, ten half-hour sessions and daily homework can already yield fine results.

“Based on my knowledge and insights as a speech/voice therapist, I am convinced that my patients have to work to achieve a healthy voice and not just an ‘acceptable feminine voice in a higher register’. That is why in some cases it is necessary to combine intensive MtF voice therapy with voice surgery.” – Speech therapist Katrien Eerdekens

MtF voice feminization at 2pass Clinic

At 2pass Clinic, we are convinced that your voice is a second face. As a transwoman, it is very important to be addressed as the woman you are. In the shops, on the street and on the phone as well. Our speech therapist Katrien Eerdekens can help you with this. You can see Katrien for MtF voice feminization in the form of voice therapy. Using exercises, she will help you develop the voice that matches your identity. Read the interview with Katrien >

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How does MtF voice feminization work?


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Where: Antwerp, Londen and Skype.

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Is it compulsory to first do a voice assessment before you start therapy?

Yes, because the voice therapist needs to measure your voice to see what aspects should be worked upon during therapy. The therapy emphasizes the personal and individual needs of the patient.

How many sessions of voice therapy do I need ?

This is difficult to predict. It depends on the outcome of the voice assessment and how much you practice everyday.

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