Intensive One day Program with Skype follow-up

Intensive One day Program with Skype follow-up

In case you live abroad, but you would still like to start working on your voice with Katrien, we are offering an intensive program. Voice therapy aligns voice, speech and communication behavior with your gender identity. This is predominantly achieved through mentoring and repetition of exercises.


If you do not have access to a good voice therapist near you, this intensive option in Antwerp and London is a blessing. You only need to travel to Antwerp or London once, for one or two days. We will do a voice assessment and then work on a thorough foundation, so we can continue mentoring you through Skype consults.

Working method

  • We need at least 6 hours of voice therapy to guarantee that we have established an ideal foundation for remote mentoring via Skype consults.
  • We will work in three-hour blocks.
  • You can choose whether you want to book one block in the morning and the second one in the afternoon, or whether you want to spread it over two days.
  • First, we will do a voice assessment. Our voice therapist will measure your voice, assess any voice issues or complaints, and listen to how you use your voice. If necessary, we will work with an ear, nose and throat specialist. Based on this screening, our voice therapist will provide you with exercises based on your individual needs, and together you will start working on your voice.
  • Repetition is key!
  • Follow-up is made possible via Skype, and you will be expected to regularly send audio fragments.


  •  There is no shortcut to a feminine voice. Lots of practice is and stays an absolute requirement.
  •  Follow-up via Skype is imperative.

Pre and post care

  • If you want a good result, motivation is very important.
  • Voice and speech therapy can give excellent results without resorting to voice feminization surgery.
  • Should you choose to get voice surgery, it is strongly suggested you follow speech and voice therapy during the time it takes to recover. This, too, can be followed-up via Skype.

For more information about voice therapy, click here.


Curious to hear what kind of progress you could make? Below you can find a ‘before and after’ audio clip of Katrien’s patient, Emma. Listen and discover the huge difference this intensive program could make. If you’d like to hear more audio samples, you can listen right here.

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