Explore One Person’s Journey through Transgender Transition & FFS Surgery

Posted on November 19, 2017 by Ellen Defrancq


audrey ffs

No matter their age, wealth, or location, transgender women around the world are discovering the joys of physical transition and facial feminization surgery. Though not all women feel as if they must go under the knife to feel like their true selves, others want the outside of their bodies to reflect the people they are on the inside. Here, you’ll learn more about “Audrey”, a woman who underwent FFS surgery in 2007 that completely changed her life.

Changing One’s Outward Appearance

Audrey is an electrical contractor who’s known she was a woman for nearly 20 years, but was afraid to start the process of transitioning for fear of judgement. The event that finally got her interested in physical transition, she claims, was being ridiculed at a local mall. Audrey was wearing a cute skirt with a jacket and high heels, and her makeup had been carefully applied. A child nearby dropped a toy, so Audrey chose to pick it up. As she handed the toy back to the child, the child’s mother looked up with a smile. Then, when she got a close look at Audrey’s face, the smile turned into a look of disgust, and the mother quickly hurried her child away. Although her surgeon is unknown from this video the joy she has experienced going through her transition is very much obvious. 

Something Had to Change

Audrey knew that it wasn’t her fault that this woman hurried her child away in disgust. After all, Audrey is a kind, caring soul who would do anything for anyone. For many people, the shock of the unexpected creates a reaction that is viewed as rude or intolerant, but Audrey says she understood the woman to a degree. Though Audrey had been taking hormones for two years, they were doing very little to change obviously masculine features like a broad jawline, protruding brow bones, and an Adam’s apple. It was then that Audrey decided it was time to take the next step in her transitional journey.

Therapy, Consults, and Surgery

The first thing Audrey did was schedule an appointment with a therapist who was known for her work with male-to-female transgender patients. After several sessions and more confidence in herself, Audrey scheduled a consultation with an FFS surgeon who recommended several procedures to enhance her femininity. A few months later, and Audrey was recovering well from a tracheal shave, a brow bone reduction, lip fillers, and cheek fillers – all of which were designed to help her look more like the woman she knew she was.

Audrey’s Life Post-Surgery

A few months later, Audrey is no longer ashamed or afraid to stroll through her local mall and strike up conversations with mothers, fathers, and anyone else nearby. In fact, these days, people view Audrey just as she has always wanted to be viewed – a strong, beautiful, confident woman with an amazing sense of style. She continues to see her therapist twice a month, and she is scheduled to have further surgeries in the coming months. These include breast augmentation and orchiectomy, which is an alternative to vaginoplasty that will reduce her reliance on hormones until she is ready to complete her physical transition.

Audrey is a prime example of many transgender women’s experiences. Though she feels that the strange looks she received from strangers were unintentional, she knew her outward appearance didn’t reflect her inner self, and she wanted to do something about it. Today, Audrey owns her own electrical company and continues to advocate for transgender rights across the country.

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