Typical stay in Belgium

Typical stay in Belgium

After booking your date you will receive a planning document with all your appointments in Antwerp maximum 7 working days after receipt of your deposit and booking form. Please don’t book your flights before you receive this document.

Typical stay in Antwerp

Dr Bart van de Ven

Dr Maarten Doornaert


Is it mandatory to book the place to stay in Antwerp after discharge?

If you live not too far from Antwerp it is not a problem you return home the day after surgery and come for a postoperative consultation with Dr van de Ven 8 days after surgery.

Are the postoperative controls obliged?

No they are not obliged. Just let us know which control you can not attend.

Is the preoperative consultation obliged?

Yes it absolutely is. Without this, Dr Bart van de Ven cannot operate.

Can my partner sleep in the hospital with me?

We have two double rooms in the clinic. Please let us know if you want your partner to sleep in the hospital as well and we will arrange this for you if the room is available. An extra 100 euro is charged for this (if no further stay in the Guesthouse is reserved).

You still have another question? Feel free to ask! We will answer your question and if generally applicable add it to the FAQ of this page.