Preoperative tests

Preoperative tests

These investigations are NOT included in the price, with exception of the CT-scan for an Adam’s apple reduction.
All these tests, except of the CT-scan of the trachea for a trachea shave, you should arrange in your home country. Your general practitioner in your home country could help you with this. One month before the operation you can mail us the results of these tests. Bloodtest and ECG can be no older then 3 months. They are very important as the anesthesiologist will not give general anesthesia without it.

  • Electrocardiogram— Only when your are older then 45 and have general anesthesia or local with deep sedation. Please e-mail us the report at least one month before the operation to be able to make the necessary judgements.
  • Blood test—For all ages when you have general anesthesia or local with deep sedation. Also please email the results latest 1 month before your surgery. We really need the results of these investigations as our anesthesiologists won’t give anesthesia without it. The tests we need are: Hb, hematocrit, APTT/PTT, platelets, fibrinogen, creatinine, urea, electrolytes (ex. Potassium, Sodium, Chloor), HIV and Hepatitis C. If your doctor needs a letter from us you can download it here and fill in your name and the date.
  • Orthopantomogram of the lower jaw—Only when you have a jaw reduction or chin recontouring. You can bring this image with you or email it to us. Best is to ask your dentist for this. It doesn’t need to be a recent image, ask your dentist for an already existing image from your file. If your dentist needs a letter from us you can download it here and fill in your name, birthdate and the current date.

  • CT scan of the trachea—Only when you have a trachea shave. This investigation can not be performed in your home country. If you need a trachea shave we will arrange for a CT scan in Antwerp the working day before your operation. The CT scan is included in the price of an Adams apple reduction. More information on this scan you can find on the following webpage: /practical/ct-scan-of-the-trachea/
  • Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET)—If your BMI is between 30 and 35 we need a cardiopulmonary exercise test. If your BMI is higher then 35 we don’t operate, so you would need to lose weight.
  • CBCT Scan of the skull—Only when you are getting custom made peek implants for the cheek(s). This scan is not included in your operation and should be made at least 8 weeks before your operation. You can find more information about this scan on the following webpage


Why you don’t ask for the blood group?

Dr Bart van de Ven needed to do a blood transfusion in his patient so far twice in his life. So the incidence is very low. If it is necessary the blood lab will ALWAYS do a cross test with the blood of the patient before giving the blood so why test it before? In the case of acute need for blood the blood group O-negative is given. This occasion did not ever occur in our practice (but Dr van de Ven’s blood group is O neg which means he would be able to give his own blood…:).

When do you need to have the results of the bloodtests? What if the results are abnormal?

If the results of your tests are all within normal range you can bring them to your pre-operative consultation so we can add them to your file. It is not absolutely necessary you scan them and send them by email. In case some of the results are clearly abnormal you should ask your GP or a specialist if it has any consequences for the planned surgery. Per definition 5% of test results is out of normal range. That means that very often it is without consequence.

You still have another question? Feel free to ask! We will answer your question and if generally applicable add it to the FAQ of this page.

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