CBCT scan for peek implants

CBCT scan for peek implants

What are the specifications for the CT-scan we need? How should the radiologist share the images with you?

  • Make an appointment to request a CT scan of the skull, preferably a CBCT scan (less radiation), in your home country.
  • Please ask for a scan of the part of your skull where the implants will be placed.
    • The slices should be consecutive (no space in between them) and have a thickness of 0,5mm.
  • Download this form and take it with you to your appointment, it tells your radiologist what we need: Protocol CT scan PEEK implants. Give it to your radiologist before they take your scan.
  • When this is done, you should send us an email with the link to the digital file of the scan (DICOM) at least six weeks before your operation date.

Important: Make sure you have your appointment at least 8 weeks before your operation date, and make sure to ask your radiologist to share the images with you digitally.

Cost estimate: The cost of a CBCT scan is about 300 euros.

CT scan Peek implants

What happens next? How long before the implants will be created?

To answer this question correctly, we will describe our work flow step by step:

  • Once we receive the DICOM data, the digital scan of your skull, we will send it to Avinent together with the order specifications.
  • Avinent will make a design.
  • Avinent will send the design to Dr Bart van de Ven for approval.
  • If he approves, he will send it to you to see whether you also agree with the design.
  • If you don’t approve, please send an email to Avinent: cmf@avinent.com  (with info@drbartvandeven.com in CC).
  • When Avinent receives approval, it will take about two days to produce the implants and send them to us.

We cannot determine how long this process will take, because it depends entirely on the efficiency of all of our communication.


FAQ CT scan PEEK implants

You still have another question? Feel free to ask! We will answer your question and if generally applicable add it to the FAQ of this page.

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