United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The National Health Service in the United Kingdom also makes demands on the S2 application. You must submit a certificate from a doctor that indicates why treatment is needed. It should also state what the doctor considers to be a medically responsible time period in which you have to be treated again. The physician must support this with objective criteria. It should also be a non-urgent, non-experimental type of treatment that is recognized by the country in which it takes place.

The NHS can give its approval if a similar treatment is not possible in the UK within the specified time period. Here too, the NHS only pays what a Belgian patient could get reimbursed. Travel and accommodation costs are paid by the patient.

It is not yet clear whether the upcoming Brexit will affect applications via the S2 scheme.

Please contact your insurance to receive your own S2 application form, then make sure to send it to us. The doctor will make sure you receive all required documents.

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