The Netherlands

The Netherlands

At CZ, one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands, you can submit an S2 application if treatment cannot be provided in the Netherlands, or not in time. Other companies, such as Interpolis and Zilveren Kruis, only state that the treatment should be non-urgent. Although an S2 application can be submitted for each type of therapy, each request is assessed separately and therefore there are no guarantees.

In all cases, a treatment plan and a cost estimate will be requested. The doctor of the clinic where the treatment will take place can indicate how urgent the procedure is. A referral letter from a Dutch doctor strengthens the request. It should not matter whether the desired operation takes place in a regular hospital or at a private clinic.

You can find an example of a reply of an insurance company (Zilveren Kruis) to an S2 application right here: Insurance letter zilveren kruis

Please contact your insurance to receive your own S2 application form, then make sure to send it to us. The doctor will make sure you receive all required documents.

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