Insurance Electrolysis

Insurance Electrolysis

It’s quite complex to know where and how to get your insurance to refund you electrolysis hair removal treatment. The general rule on when you get a refund seems to be quite vague. It largely depends from country to country and from individual to individual. However, we recommend you always request a refund. Even if it seems unlikely you will receive anything, do not hesitate to request a refund anyway.

Why? The more you let your voices be heard, the more the insurances will have to start to listen. These 7 ways to convince your insurance to pay back your electrolysis session at 2pass Clinic may be helpful in writing your request.

The current situation in:

– The Netherlands

There can only be a refund for (electrolysis) permanent hair removal if the patient has chosen to get additional coverage on their insurance plan. The amount that will be refunded, depends on the insurance. Each insurance may have specific requirements or limits. Insurance fund ‘ONVZ’ will only allow a refund when there is an excessive amount of hair growth in the face, for example. Make sure to inform yourself to get the most suitable kind of insurance and/or additional coverage.

– Belgium

None of the insurances in Belgium currently provide means to refund hair removal treatments. Sometimes there may be a possibility through a private insurance.

– Germany

Depending on your insurance and their rules, you may get a refund. We know of one patient that received a refund from her insurance in Germany for her Electrolysis Hair Removal treatment at 2pass clinic, so it is entirely possible.


If you have any useful information for us, no matter which country you live in, please contact us so we can update this page accordingly!


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