Insurance refunds abroad

Insurance refunds abroad

Treatments of trans women abroad can sometimes be reimbursed

Are you a transwoman wanting surgery at 2pass Clinic, but you do not you live in Belgium? Sometimes you can get your treatment paid in full or in part by your health insurance with a European S2 form. However, not every insurance company deals with it the same way.

The S2 form, formerly known as E112, has been designed by the European Union for healthcare abroad. You can get it from your insurance company if you want to have an FFS or any other treatment at 2pass Clinic, but only if you do not live in Belgium yourself. Whether or not your insurance pays for the operation is not fixed. It varies per insurance company.

Insurer decides

Whether the insurer assumes the costs (partially), depends on the type of treatment, but also on the company’s policy. Some treatments are considered purely cosmetic and are not reimbursed. Other interventions may be assessed as medically necessary. Ask the insurance company in advance what they normally pay back and what not. This prevents disappointment.

If the insurer agrees to the S2 application, the patient must submit the form to the clinic. The practitioner decides whether the costs are claimed directly from the insurer, or whether the patient receives the invoice and has to pay in advance. In the latter case, the patient can forward the bill to the insurer and request a refund. This should include a medical report from the attending physician.

Situation per country:

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