Booking body and facial surgery in one week

Booking body and facial surgery in one week

Some patients want to transition as fast as possible with as little downtime as possible.

Advantage of combining surgeries

  • travel only once
  • take free from work only once
  • recover only once


  • It is more heavy physically and emotionally

Combination of body and facial surgery

The combination of body and facial surgery is possible within the same week. You should book your operation with Dr Doornaert (body) on a Tuesday and with Dr van de Ven (ffs) on Thursday two days later. Below you can look for a combination of slots where this is possible in both surgeons operation schedules. If you can’t find a slot to combine the operations, please send us an email at We will then check if there is the possibility of freeing a moment up for you.

As mostly the price of the guesthouse stay is included in the proposals of Dr van de Ven, but not in those of Dr Doornaert, you have to book some extra nights in the guesthouse (Monday and Tuesday before your included stay wit Dr van de Ven).

Operation date Dr Maarten Doornaert

Operation date Dr Bart van de Ven

Combination of surgery and electrolysis

Also the intensive electrolysis program is perfectly combinable with surgery. Again the downtime will be minimised. Best is to book your operation on Tuesday and the electrolysis on Tuesday till Friday one week after your operation 8h/day.

Click here to book a combination of surgery and electrolysis

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