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Three steps are needed to complete the booking process:

Would you like more information about the entire process, from consultation to operation at the 2pass Clinic? If so, then please read further for more information about:

  1. The consultation
  2. Booking your operation
  3. Preparing for your operation
  4. What about after the operation?

Book your consultation

For facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven or body feminization surgery with Dr Maarten Doornaert, each operation at the 2pass Clinic is performed after a (personal) consultation. Our surgeons have office hours in Antwerp, London, Munich, Berlin and New York. If it is difficult for you to come for a personal consultation with one of our surgeons, then you can submit an application online. This can be done here for Dr Bart van de Ven and here for Dr Maarten Doornaert. Curious to know when Dr van de Ven or Dr Doornaert is in your area?

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What can you expect during your consultation?

Our surgeons will ask you a number of questions in order to be able to fulfil all your wishes and to work with you toward the desired result. Dr van de Ven and Dr Doornaert will guide and advise you during this consultation. What are the options? What are your best options? How does it all work? The intake conversation is also the ideal opportunity to get answers to all your questions. During your consultation, a proposal will be made for the operations that you would like to have carried out. You can then take all this information home and take the time you need before the next step: booking your operation.

Book your consultation

Book your surgery

After your consultation, would you like to take the next step towards your operation? If so, it is time for you to book your facial feminization surgery or body feminization surgery. You can book your operation at the 2pass Clinic entirely online, via three steps:

1.  Select a date in our online agenda

Schedule your operation with Dr Van de Ven or Dr Doornaert using our online agenda. Take note: the waiting period at the moment may be up to four months.

2. Fill in the booking form

The booking form is an extensive questionnaire. The reason it is so extensive is that we would like to prepare for your operation as carefully as possible. So be sure to take the time to fill in the booking form carefully.

3. Pay your advance

After booking your surgery, we ask you to pay your advance of 1000 euros.

Combine your operations

You also have the option of booking several operations at the same time. This means you can come to the 2pass Clinic for a combination of body feminization surgery and facial feminization surgery. You can have these operations carried out in the same week, but not on the same day. Your operation with Dr Doornaert will then take place on a Tuesday, and your operation with Dr van de Ven on a Thursday. We offer this option mainly to transwomen coming from abroad. It has the following advantages:

  • A single trip to Antwerp.
  • A single period of time off from work.
  • A single recovery.

Even though there is only a single recovery period, you should bear in mind that the healing period will be tougher, both mentally and physically.

If you have an operation carried out at the 2pass Clinic, you have the option of staying in our guesthouse. The warm environment on our top floor gives you the opportunity to recover at ease from your operation(s). Our resident staff member, Jolanda, is on hand to help you 24/7. Jolanda works hard each day to prepare fresh, healthy meals for the patients. A lot of vitamins and proteins help optimize the healing process. The guest house also provides an opportunity to share your story with other transwomen. A place of warmth, rest and unity.

Book your combination of FFS and BFS

Combine your operation with electrolysis hair removal

You can combine your facial feminization surgery or body feminisation surgery with our intensive electrolysis hair removal programme. Via this programme, which takes eight hours a day, we remove your hair three times faster than via a normal electrolysis hair removal. At the 2pass Clinic, we can offer our patients this intensive programme because we use a pain pump and, if needed, a local anaesthetic. This way the treatment is more comfortable and easy to handle.

Book your operation in combination with electrolysis hair removal

Would you prefer to have only facial feminization surgery? Book it here >

Would you prefer to have only body feminization surgery? Book it here >

Prepare for your operation

You have booked your surgery. What now? You will probably have to wait for several weeks or even months for the big day. But how exactly can you prepare for this significant moment?

Mandatory formalities

There are a few matters that must be arranged before the operation. This is to make sure your operation goes as smoothly as possible. One of these matters is the anaesthetic form, which you can find here. It is important for you to fill in the form carefully so that our doctors can give you the best possible care before and during your operation.

Are you having surgery under general anaesthetic? Then you will also need to go through preoperative tests. These are not included in the price of your operation. The preoperative tests must be carried out beforehand. You must email us the results one month before the operation. Discover here what these preoperative tests include >

Plan your stay in Antwerp

On average, our patients spend seven days at the 2pass Clinic. They arrive in our guesthouse one day before their operation, and stay up to five days after their operation. After you have booked and paid for your operation, you will receive a document with the schedule of your stay at the 2pass Clinic. An example of such a schedule can be consulted here. We advise you to wait with booking your flights until you have received this schedule.

Once you have received the schedule for your stay at the 2pass Clinic, you can begin to book your travel. Whether you are coming by plane, train or car, Antwerp is within easy reach. Read here about the best options for you >

In order to make your stay as agreeable as possible, we have prepared a check-list of what you should consider packing. These include things to while away the time, such as a good book or crossword puzzle, as well as any personal effects that will make you laugh during this emotional time, such as family photos or a stuffed toy.

Other useful information for your operation

  • For a buttock or hip augmentation via implants, we advise stopping your HRT treatment a week before the surgery. The day after your operation, you can resume HRT. For all other operations, it is not necessary to stop your hormone treatment.
  • If you are a smoker, we suggest you stop smoking three weeks before the operation and not to smoke again until three weeks after. Smoking can slow down the healing process or even impede it.
  • Are you overweight? In theory, the maximum BMI is 30, but if you are in good health, our anaesthesiologist will look at your situation personally.

Select the date of your operation

What about after the operation?

The operations you undergo for your transition will have a major impact on you as a person. Both physically and emotionally. At the 2pass Clinic, we accompany you throughout the process and want to be there for you as best we can. After your operation, you will spend a few days in our guesthouse with resident staff member Jolanda. For most facial and body feminization surgeries, the guest house is included in the price (you can check this at any time in your price list), and you can always book an additional stay. Our guest house is a warm, welcoming oasis of tranquillity where you have time to recover from your surgery. You can also share your experiences with other transwomen staying there.

Healing and recovery

Any operation will have an impact on you. Therefore we have prepared an overview for each operation, outlining what you can expect and how you can reduce or remedy any complaints.

Instructions after an operation with Dr Bart van de Ven

Instructions after an operation with Dr Maarten Doornaert

Make-up and personal shopping

The right clothing and make-up will provide the finishing touch. Because we have noticed that there is little fashion advice out there for transwomen, we regularly hold a style and advice evening at the 2pass Clinic. During this workshop, professionals offer tips and tricks about make-up, clothing, lingerie, voice therapy and wigs. And it’s all free of charge!

You can also come to our clinic for permanent make-up for eyebrows, eyes and lips. This beauty treatment is provided at the 2pass Clinic by beautician Caroline Delbeke.

Would you like some personal style advice? Our image stylist, Greet Moens, will steer you in the right direction. Together with you, she will create a personal style guide. If you wish, you can spend a day with Greet shopping in Antwerp, the fashion city. Greet knows where to find the ideal shops for every budget and every style.


You can take weekly Pilates classes at the 2pass Clinic. Pilates enhances the coordination of body, mind and soul via its varied exercises. You gain greater control of your body and develop a natural rhythm and ease in all that you do. The classes are taught by Sytske van Wesemael.

Book your Pilates class


What does this procedure cost?

There are 3 options to receive a financial and operative proposal. You can either send us pictures and receive a quote and an FFS simulation, or you can book a Skype or a live consultation with Dr Bart van de Ven during which you will also receive a quote and FFS simulation.

How do I get my FFS price request?

Click here if you want to get a general idea of FFS prices.

Can I pay for my surgery at arrival using credit card or check?

No you can’t. We only accept bank transfer or cash payment (bank notes).

Can I pay my deposit with Paypal or credit card?

We don’t accept payments for operations by Paypal. The only way to pay the operation is by bank transfer.

How long is the waiting time to book an operation?

The average waiting time for an operation at the moment is 3 months. For big surgeries it can be a bit more, for small surgeries less. You can check availability through our online operation planner.

Can I pay the money back on a monthly base?

We don’t provide credit to patients. The full amount has to be paid before the operation. In banks you will find professionals that can judge if it is wise for you to take a credit. We understand you wish to have your surgery as soon as possible, but don’t underestimate the stress a too high financial obligation can cause.

Why can I not book more than 6 months in advance?

The maximum in advance that can be booked is 6 months. We do this because we noticed a lot of things can happen in 6 months that disrupt planning (in the life of the patient but also in the life of the doctor).

Dates automatically open up 6 months in advance. So if you want to book a particular date, best is to schedule in your calendar to do this 6 months before this date. As the date is blocked for everybody, you don’t have the risk somebody else takes the date (you do have the risk Dr Bart van de Ven is on holiday).

Attention: Operation can be booked until 6 months in advance. Take care, the software uses a formula where a month is always 30 days. So at certain times of the year this can produce almost a weeks difference to direct month date method of calculating a 6 months date ahead.

What if you are ill at the moment of the scheduled surgery?

If a letter of a medical doctor saying the patient really was not able to be operated because of physical illness, the surgery will be rescheduled without cost.

Can I be put on a waiting list to be contacted just in case someone cancels her surgery?

Yes, we can put you on a waiting list if you want. You will be contacted if someone cancels. In our practise this rarely happens by the way.

You still have another question? Feel free to ask! We will answer your question and if generally applicable add it to the FAQ of this page.

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