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4 months after facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven

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Link to detailed blog about facial feminisation surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven of Lucia Lucas.

Documentary made by Sat3

The language is German but we made subtitles in english. It can be you have to turn them on in the corner right.


“I had my ffs on September 9th 2014. It has been a little over 6 months now and I am very happy with my results. I could not have wished for better results so far. In 6 months I will go for another checkup and discuss any possible revisions. With the mid-facelift I had, I have been told it takes about a year to be sure the healing process is done. This is also the case with having the jaw surgery. I will go back to him for any work I ever want that he offers. I was very impressed with our consultation how he measured the proportions of my face and took a very scientific approach to something that must also take a huge imagination. I trust him completely and his team. His new clinic in Antwerp (as of about September) is beautiful and brand new.”

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