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4 months after facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven


I am a 50 year old trans woman. I’m very tall so whenever I enter a public place, eg. a cafe, I stand out. I realized that after getting over with my size people were wondering about my face. This made me feel very insecure. So I investigated FFS and had my first consultation with Dr. Bart van de Ven in march 2015. After a thorough examination he recommended a couple of procedures and explained really well how its going to be done and what the outcome will be. He was very competent, listened carefully to my concerns and was very friendly. The whole situation didn’t feel awkward at all. I had my doubts about having my nose done. Dr. Van de Ven didn’t insist, he simply said: „I think you need it – if you want to look more feminine“. I had my surgery at the end of July. The clinic is located in a nice part of Antwerp/Belgium, it’s a modern building, very clean and welcoming. Pre-op consultation took place the day before surgery. I decided at that time to follow Dr. Bart van de Vens advice and have the nose job done. I had the following procedures done: forehead recontouring, hairline lowering, shaving of the brow ridge, brow lift, nose job, mid face lift (cheeks) with correction of the lower eye lids, upper lip lift, lipofilling nasolabial groove and chin recontouring. The surgery took nearly 7 hours. I then recovered for 6 days at the clinic. The entire staff was extremely friendly and helpful (can you hear me, Sabina, Felita?). I felt very safe and in good hands. Now, 3 months after surgery, I’m looking at the following outcome: Everything went very well, results are better than expected. Changes are subtle but impressive. Everybody recognizes me immediately – a great relief, but people notice the femininity. When I enter a café people will still stare because I’m a very tall woman, but only for a very short time, and I know and feel that my femininity isn’t questioned at all. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Bart van de Ven and his team. They`re a very good and safe choice for every woman seeking to look more feminine. I do recommend getting your FFS in Antwerp wholeheartedly. One last note: If you can take your time, stay at the clinic for the week and take your partner or a friend with you. It helps! PS: Nose turned out to be beautiful. Sooo grateful and happy

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