Our electrolysis Equipment

Our electrolysis Equipment

The Apilus xCell Pro, our electrolysis machine for permanent hair removal

Electrolysis hair removal equipment Apilus Xcell Pro

At 2pass Clinic we do everything to make electrolysis as comfortable and effective as possible. Therefore, we are always happy to invest in equipment that is completely state-of-the-art. Meet our latest addition: the Apilus xCell Pro.

Technology is constantly developing, also in the field of electrolysis hair removal. In the end, it’s the patient who benefits from this. New devices make the experience less unpleasant. At 2pass Clinic we therefore keep a close eye on the market. The Apilus xCell Pro is an electrolysis machine, developed by Dectro. This is a company that has been specialized in hair removal equipment for many years.

“This is Dectro’s flagship product”, says Evy Vertonghen, our electrolysis specialist. “The device works on 27 MHz which means you can make more heat but in a much shorter pulse. This allows you to work faster and more efficiently. It is also ‘less’ painful for the patient. “

A smarter electrolysis machine

A big difference with the previous machine, the Elite Spectrum from Instatron. It worked well and meant a lot to thousands of patients, but it did have its drawbacks. The device worked with a frequency of 13.56 MHz and had to be completely manually adjusted, depending on the skin and the type of hair. A lot of extra work, in other words.

The new Apilus xCell Pro is ‘smarter’. Evy: “This device is actually also a computer where we enter all the data about the patient’s skin and hair type, as well as the needle of choice and the modality. The device immediately gives us the correct setting. And if the hair does not respond well, we can still make some adjustments manually. “

Powerful and safe

It is therefore a much more powerful device than the predecessor, and effective for all skin and hair types. Obviously, it meets the most stringent safety requirements so that you can let yourself be treated with peace of mind. To further increase comfort and ease of use, Dectro has developed special probes for this machine. At 2pass Clinic we now only work with these probes.

The manufacturer also offers specialized training. 2pass Clinic will visit Canada in August 2018 to follow one of these courses. Electrologists such as Evy can thus further increase their expertise and treat patients even better.

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