Booking intensive electrolysis session

Booking intensive electrolysis session

  • All sessions booked need a full payment in advance. So if you book more then one session, all booked sessions need a separate payment.
  • You pay the time you book, so think twice before booking. To book you intensive electrolysis program we ask for a full payment in advance per day of electrolysis reservation.
  • So the following amounts are needed to confirm a sesssion:
    • 0,5 day of intensive electrolysis: 400 euro
    • 1 day of intensive electrolysis: 800 euro
    • 2 days of intensive electrolysis: 1600 euro
    • 3 days of intensive electrolysis: 2400 euro
    • 4 days of intensive electrolysis: 3200 euro
  • Important note: you can not drive home yourself after a treatment with painpump. Be sure to arrange something to get home.

Cancellation policy

If you reschedule the booking up to fourteen days before the meeting time, you will not be charged a reschedule fee. If you reschedule the booking between 14 and 7 days of the meeting time, your reschedule fee will be 50% of the price. If you reschedule the booking within 7 days of the meeting time, your reschedule fee will be 100% of the price (basically you lose the money because we can not find another patient on such short notice, while we still have to pay our electrologist).

Bank account details

  • Name beneficiary: Dr. B. van de Ven – Dr. E. Defrancq BVBA
  • Address beneficiary (optional): Ringlaan 51, 2600 Berchem, Belgium​
  • Name Bank: BNP Paribas Fortis
  • ​Address Bank: Hazeschransstraat 44, 2650 Edegem
  • ​IBAN:  BE21 0018 4472 6903
  • Memo: your name + electrolyis date + electrolysis (!Very important, if not we don’t know from who is the money, especially if you pay with Transferwise, no other mentioning is needed)

Booking your session


Do you also remove hair from the genital zone before the sex reassignment surgery?

Yes we do, we strongly advise electrolysis before the operation because laser is not always permanent and after the operation you won’t get a second change to remove the hair.

Can I do Electrolysis at your clinic while recovering form the surgery?

Yes you can. We suggest you book 1 day of electrolysis a few days after the surgery through our website:

If you have a choice though it is probably a more comfortable option to book the electrolysis a few days before your surgery.

I suffer from psoriasis, can I still get electrolysis?

On the active psoriasis zone electrolysis is contra-indicated.

I suffer from PCOS, can I still get electrolysis?

It is not a contra-indication, but in some people it doesn’t really help because too much new hair is recruited. In some individuals the problem is less pronounced than in others.

The average person has 1,000 follicles per square inch. However, that does not mean one grows 1,000 hairs. Where a man may have 100, to 500 visible hairs in a square inch, a woman may have 0 to 25. You must understand that hormonal problems (like PCOS) work in such a way that new follicles are recruited to start growing hair, where they never grew before. The severity of the problem defines how long it takes for new follicles to be recruited, and how many at a time are stimulated in that term. So, until one arrests the problem that is causing the new hair recruitment, one will continuously gain new hairs, and one may may have to come back forever.

Why can I not cancel my session less than two weeks in advance and get a refund like in a hotel?

We understand your concern. If you cancel 3 days of an intensive program less then two weeks before, we will not find another patient to replace you because people need to plan these type of things in advance (take time off from work etc.). So these 3 days we will have to pay our electrologist, but she will have no client to treat. It is simply a different cost and income model than in a hotel. A hotel needs approximately the same staff if there are a few people less or more. In contrast to hotels we don’t have 300 rooms and have some vacancies anyway most of the time. It is actually the same policy we use as with our operations (but there the cancel time is less than one month instead of two weeks). We hope you understand our policy.

You still have another question? Feel free to ask! We will answer your question and if generally applicable add it to the FAQ of this page.