MtF Voice Training – The Road to your Feminine Voice

Posted on July 10, 2018 by chief content officer

How do you make your voice more feminine? MtF voice feminization training is one of our specializations at 2pass Clinic. We actually look beyond the sheer feminization of your voice. Female speech is also an important part of our treatment.

MtF Voice Training Infographic


Are you interested in MtF voice training?

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You want to know how our therapy and MtF voice training works? It’s an 8-step process.

1. Determine your goals

First we decide what we want to achieve. We do this by means of a voice assessment. What is your like voice at the moment? And how can this situation be used to achieve our goal?

2. Learn the basics of voice production, speech and a healthy voice

After that we will go to the basics. What actually makes a healthy voice and speech?

3. Start making your voice flexible and strong

A voice can only change when you learn what your possibilities are, and start discovering them. This requires consistent practice.

4. Work on forward resonance

The voice channel is different in size, in men and women. This affects the resonance. But with exercises we can work on this.

5. Raise your pitch

Can you really learn to speak higher and sound natural? Yes, you can!

6. Increase vocal strength

Through ongoing therapy we expand the possibilities and so we achieve more and more results.

7. Reaching feminine intonation

Anyone who practises a lot and is supervised by our speech therapist, comes to the point that the voice will really start sounding feminine.

8. Modify your speech rate, volume, articulation

Once you have a strong, feminine voice, we’ll further refine your speech, volume and articulation.

As you will understand, voice feminization isn’t something you do in a day. However, with a lot of exercises and targeted training you can already make huge steps forward in six months. Read more about MtF voice feminization here. If you do not live in Belgium, you can also follow voice therapy via Skype at 2pass Clinic. There is even an intensive program that delivers results more quickly.

To make it easy for you, we’ve summarized everything in the handy MtF voice training infographic at the top of the page.

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