MTF Transition – You’ll Need Electrolysis in These Areas to Really Feel Feminine

Posted on April 15, 2018 by Ellen Defrancq

Making the transition from a male to female appearance can require several surgical procedures depending on your unique goals and your body. Electrolysis is a non-surgical hair removal procedure that can drastically reduce or even remove the amount of hair on your face and body. Here are some of the areas where you will want to focus your efforts to truly feel feminine.


When you meet new people, the first thing they will see is your face. Facial hair is one of the most prominent male characteristics of them all, and it can make you feel less than feminine. Electrolysis can reduce the amount of facial hair you must shave or wax, and after several treatments, especially when combined with hormone treatments, it can completely stop the growth of facial hair. It does require several treatments, and these can be quite painful. Pain relief during the procedure is available to help you stay comfortable.


A woman’s legs are one of her best qualities, and women often go to great lengths to keep their legs shaven, smooth, and moisturized. To truly feel like a woman, you will want to consider electrolysis for your legs. Some men have much sparser hair on their legs than others, and in this case, electrolysis can truly do wonders to remove existing hair and stop the growth of new hair. Other men have dense, thick hair, and this means removal could take several visits. Again, pain relief is available to help you stay comfortable during your procedure.


Both men and women have natural hair on their arms, but men tend to grow longer, coarser, and denser hair than their female counterparts. For this reason, some transgender patients prefer to have electrolysis on their arms to reduce the number of hairs. In some cases, patients prefer bare arms, and in others, patients prefer to have some hair as many women often do. It is personal preference, but the number of treatments required to achieve the desired hair density will vary depending on factors like the amount of hair, its coarseness, and even its color. Lighter hair is easier to remove than darker hair.


Finally, men typically develop hair on their chests during puberty, and this hair continues to get denser for many years afterward. This is a characteristic that is solely male, and it can cause you to feel less feminine than you would like. Though many patients will wax or use depilatory creams to remove hair from their chests, electrolysis is permanent and does not result in stubble. When combined with hormone treatments, which can also help slow the growth of body hair, it can provide a smooth, hair-free chest.

Facial and body hair are two of the most defining male characteristics, much like the Adam’s apple. Though waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams are options, these can become cumbersome over time and leave you feeling frustrated. Electrolysis is a permanent solution, and while it can take several treatments for hair to completely disappear, it certainly can reduce the appearance and number of hairs after the very first treatment.

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