Massage of the voice box: Relax to get your max!

Posted on October 12, 2018 by Aaricia

Massage of the voice box

When we want to produce sound with our voices, the air from our lungs needs to be turned into sound. This happens thanks to the vibration of our vocal chords. All of the muscles that are used to produce sound, are very sensitive to external factors.

Where does my vocal tension come from?

Massage voice box mtf voice feminization

A high vocal load, which means a high amount of stress on these muscles, a lesser vocal hygiene, and vocal abuse or misuse, can all lead to voice problems. Small and functional tensions could also lead to an overload and to lasting tension.

When the tension is higher than the general vocal load for a long period of time, this may result in hoarseness or a lot of muscular tension around the voice box. The latter may go hand in hand with pain or the feeling something is stuck in one’s throat.

Especially when you train the voice intensively -which is the case with voice transitions- you may recognize some of these issues, or notice your voice feels less flexible.

To relieve this feeling of tension, the voice box can be massaged.

What happens during a voice box massage?

We slowly stretch the muscles of the neck, lower jaw, and the bottom of the mouth. The muscles will start to relax. This cannot replace voice feminization therapy exercises, but rather complements it. The massage of the voice box is called “manual facilitation of the larynx” in scientific literature.

Effects of the manual facilitation:

  • Relaxation of the neck, larynx, bottom of the mouth, jaw muscles
  • Improvement of the flexibility of the larynx
  • Improvement of the vocal sound
  • A larger vocal range
  • Reduction of the feeling of having something stuck in one’s throat or other complaints of tension

Seeing as voice therapy for transgender women is an intensive process that requires a lot from your voice, this massage can be an interesting addition to your voice exercises. Getting a voice box massage of our voice therapist on a regular basis keeps your voice flexible and healthy!


Testimonial voice box massage

To book a massage you should book a regular voice feminization training session. Upon arrival, you may ask Katrien for a voice box massage.


Is it compulsory to first do a voice assessment before you start therapy?

Yes, because the voice therapist needs to measure your voice to see what aspects should be worked upon during therapy. The therapy emphasizes the personal and individual needs of the patient.

How many sessions of voice therapy do I need ?

This is difficult to predict. It depends on the outcome of the voice assessment and how much you practice everyday.

Can I do Voice Feminization Training online?

If you live too far away from a suitable Voice Feminization therapist, or from our clinic, we have a solution for you. Katrien Eerdekens, our voice therapist, provides online voice feminization training through Skype! You can find more information over here:

Will hormones (HRT) have an effect on my voice (MtF)?

No. Hormones will not affect your voice. Your voice will not become higher through hormones once you’ve gone through male puberty. The effect can not be reversed.

However, with voice feminization training you can learn how to reach a higher pitch as well as work on your resonance, and many other things which you can read more about here:

Is online voice feminization therapy and follow-up via skype effective?

Several of our patients from abroad are already following this program successfully, as you can hear in these before-and-after voice therapy sections!

Why should I follow Voice Feminization Training? Can’t I practice on my own with online videos?

A lot of instruction videos on Youtube are good, but keep in mind that these people can only speak from their own experience. It might not work the same for you, and there is a risk you’re going to start using your voice the wrong way because no one is there to guide you and correct you. This is why many people pinch their voice without realizing, which just makes the voice sound high-pitched in an artificial way. So using your voice wrong would not only be unhealthy for your voice (tension, pain, hoarseness), but the sound you produce will not sound natural.

Aside of that, voice therapy is a lot more than just voice exercises. It’s also about finding your identity, about accepting what your voice can and can’t do, and about learning to gesticulate in a feminine way. 80% Of our communication is body language. Your voice therapist is also your coach.

Find out more about voice feminization training.

How often should I practice when following voice feminization training?

You should practice at least 30 minutes every day if you want to get good results. Going to a voice therapist is one thing, but practise is what is going to determine whether you succeed in getting the results you might hope to attain. It’s all up to what you do with the tools you are given! Read more about voice feminization training.

You still have another question? Feel free to ask! We will answer your question and if generally applicable add it to the FAQ of this page.

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