Electrolysis Aftercare: 3 Tips for a smooth recovery of your skin

Posted on December 7, 2017 by Ellen Defrancq

Electrolysis works. All experts agree on this. However, your skin can react violently on electrolysis. Here we’ll tell you what you can do after a hair removal session to prevent irritations and inflammations.

At 2pass Clinic we notice the effectiveness of electrolysis on a daily basis. Our experience is supported by research. Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that gives permanent results. That is because the hair follicle is removed during electrolysis. This prevents hairs from growing back. So if you want to get rid of your beard shadow, electrolysis is the way to go.

Nazorg na elektrolyse is belangrijkIn our intensive program we use a pain pump. As a result, the pain disappears during the treatment or is minimized. Painkillers, however, only fight symptoms. Your skin, with or without a pain pump, has to endure the same amount of stress. Although we take all possible precautions, inflammation of the skin after treatment can never be excluded. Fortunately, there are simple ways to reduce the chance of irritation and inflammation.

Electrolysis aftercare: our advice

For good aftercare after electrolysis and a smooth recovery of your skin we recommend the following:

1. Do not use make-up in the first 48 hours after treatment. Make-up can lead to inflammation. Other cosmetics, such as oily, scented or colored creams, should also be omitted. They may cause pimples in the first days after electrolysis.

2. You will notice that your skin is very sensitive after electrolysis. It burns much faster. Avoid exposure to UV radiation in the first five days after treatment. If it is difficult to escape the sunlight, use a sunblock. Do not go swimming or to the sauna.

3. Not everyone suffers from it, but slight swelling, redness and a burning sensation after electrolysis are normal. Do not scratch. You can soothe your skin with aloe vera. Cold compresses on the treated area also provide a cooling and calming effect. Cool the compress in the refrigerator and place it on the skin for 15 minutes. Take a 10 minute break before repeating this.

We always give you an aftercare lotion after treatment. This stimulates a quick recovery.

Hairs that grow back

Every skin is unique and every treatment is human work. It is not impossible that hairs come back. This is uncomfortable, but do not pick or wax these hairs. Clipping or shaving is allowed. If you are still on a hair removal program, talk about it during your next electrolysis session.

If you have any questions about aftercare after electrolysis, let us know. Permanent hair removal requires time, patience and dedication, but the satisfaction afterwards is enormous.

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