Guesthouse of 2pass Clinic

Guesthouse 2pass Clinic

For most patients the stay in the guesthouse is included automatically in the price of facial feminization surgery or body feminization surgery. You can check your proposal to see how many nights you stay in the guesthouse. For electrolysis hair removal stand alone the guesthouse is not included, you can book it separately.

How did former patients experience their stay at our guesthouse?

What can I expect from my stay?

  • You stay in our clinic for one week—On the top floor of the clinic we have 7 guest rooms. It is the perfect place for our patients to recover during the first week after their surgery. For most operations your stay is already included in the operation proposal.
  • Permanent resident—Petra, our permanent resident is living permanently in 2pass Clinic, so also nights and weekends you’ll have someone right by your side for whatever reason that might be 24/7. She will also serve freshly catered meals, nutritious soup and smoothies to help you get back to your strengths after surgery.
  • Full board—Breakfast, lunch and dinner included. Water, tea and coffee are free and accessible 24h a day. Other drinks and snacks are excluded, but you have the possibility to do some grocery shopping the day before your surgery. There’s a big supermarket as close as a ten-minute walk. You will receive a street map upon arrival.
  • Patient coordinator Elli—Elli, your patient coordinator, will be present to guide you to the process every weekday from 9-17h.
  • Sharing experience with other patients—As all patients staying here are more or less going through the same journey, you have the possibility to interact with each other in our cozy, jointly kitchen/living room.
  • Privacy—But we also respect if you want to stay in the privacy of your bedroom, where you can enjoy satellite TV.
  • WIFI—WIFI is available on the entire floor (free of charge).
2pass Clinic living area

Elli Geerts, our patient coordinator at the reception of the guesthouse. She is available from 9-17h.

In the living area you can relax and have a chat with other patients, the staff or our resident Jolanda.

Power ladies recovering after their Facial Feminization Surgery

Power ladies recovering after their Facial Feminization Surgery

2pass Clinic kitchen area

Jolanda will cook for you in the evening, but of course if there is someone who loves to cook: the kitchen is also at the disposal of the patients (like Katarina here).

2pass Clinic FFS Recovery Guesthouse

The living and dining area of the guesthouse.

Transgender Surgery Recovery Area

Living area with open kitchen view.

Guesthouse Rooms for FFS Recovery

Of course you can always go back to your private room to rest or relax.

2pass Clinic bathroom - FFS Recovery

3 of the 7 rooms have their own private bathroom. The other 3 share a bathroom together.


Prices (including breakfast, soup for lunch and dinner in the evening)

Often the price is included in the price of your operation proposal. The amounts of nights included is mentioned in the operation proposal. In this case no separate bookings have to be made. The room type included in the proposal is the “Single room with sink and toilet, shared bathroom”. You will be presented with an option to upgrade your room when filling out the booking form of the operation if you wish so (the difference in price can be paid upon arrival in the guesthouse).

If you want to book some extra nights (on top of the one included) the prices are as follows:

All prices include 3 meals a day.


FAQs Guesthouse 2pass Clinic

I only speak English. Will they understand me in Belgium?

In Belgium as good as everyone can speak English. Hence our entire staff speaks English as well, so you will always be able to communicate whatever you feel or need!

Does the clinic have a parking lot or underground garage where I can leave my car during my stay?

No, we don’t have a parking. But there are a lot of free parking places in the neighbourhood of the clinic.

Where is 2pass Clinic situated?

We are situated in Antwerp, Belgium! You can easily reach us by plane, train, bus,… you name it!

Is there a hair dryer in the guesthouse?

Yes, every room has a hair dryer.

How often are the towels changed?

Three times a week the towels in the guesthouse are renewed (Monday-Wednesday-Friday). If you want, during weekdays, you can also use a sign on your heck with request of towel change.

You still have another question? Feel free to ask! We will answer your question and if generally applicable add it to the FAQ of this page.

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