Great need for a competence center for trans people

Posted on January 11, 2017 by Ellen Defrancq

For many trans people it is important to combine their coming out with a corresponding passing. Many of us try to live the values that have been taught us from a small age. This also includes the image of bipolar gender roles. The fear in the social environment and of violating these instilled values is too great for many of us. For this reason, one also strives for a perfect passing. And especially in trans people who begin a hormone replacement therapy only after puberty, this often also involves expensive and painful surgery (ex. facial feminization surgery, mtf breast augmentation surgery).

Operation in the nearest hospital

The first hurdle in such operations is the financial aspect. Because of the transphobic attitude of many fellow human beings and offices it is, unfortunately, only too often reality that trans people are financially inferior because they lose their jobs after coming out and therefore no longer have work or have to do work which does not correspond to their education. In this case, one is dependent on the arbitrary treatment of the authorities and funds.

In the best-case scenarios, a gender-matched operation is offered, which must be carried out locally. Often even in the nearest hospital. General medical care is provided in such cases, but the local facilities simply lack experience in trans-specific interventions. This lack of competence on trans-specific issues cannot be offset by other core competences. It is of no avail to the patient if the surgeon is an excellent urologist, but in his whole career has only carried out a brief handful of gender-related surgeries. Unfortunately, the results will then unfortunately reflect this.

Operation abroad

Competence Center
However, if you are in the lucky position to have the financial resources, there is the possibility to travel to specialists. Unfortunately these are distributed around the world. Each operation may also be combined with an enjoyable time in addition to the high cost, which should not be underestimated. Unfortunately these very interesting destinations, cannot really be enjoyed, even after a successful operation. And although these often are very interesting destinations, which one has to travel to in order to visit specialist doctors, the stay unfortunately cannot normally be combined with a vacation, because the physical limitations and pain often is so great after the surgery that combining it with a vacation just isn’t possible.

Even if one is always envied by friends and acquaintances, for example when you need to spend two months in Thailand. These two months, however, involve preparatory discussions for the operation, the operation itself and the subsequent stay in the hospital or clinic. Because of the pain one would not even give the slightest thought to calling this a vacation.

It therefore is important that there should be clinics in which the entire spectrum of trans-relevant know-how and operations are covered. In this way, all relevant operations could be combined meaningfully and efficiently and cost-effectively by truly competent specialists. In such competence centers, trans people offer us so much accumulated knowledge that the support for us trans people is not limited to the excellent surgical skills, but also includes the decades of experience of the specialists first encountered at the beginning of the consultation and finally leading to the appropriate result. Thank you, 2pass Clinic …!

Danielle Lang

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