Your stay with us – FFS

Your stay with us – FFS

Your FFS operation will take place on Tuesday or on Thursday.

  • In case your FFS is on Tuesday, you will arrive at our clinic on Monday, around noon
  • In case your FFS is on Thursday, you will arrive at our clinic on Wednesday, around noon

Most FFS-patients stay at the guesthouse of our clinic for an entire week so they can recover in a safe and peaceful environment.

The day before your operation: welcome!

We are expecting you at 2pass Clinic one day before your facial feminization surgery around noon. You can reach 2pass Clinic quite easily and we also have an optional shuttle service to pick you up from the airport! 

Our patient coordinator Elli will welcome you, give you the tour of our guesthouse, and accompany you to your room. This will give you the chance to settle into your new home for the next few days. You can have a chat with the other patients, meet our permanent resident Petra, and relax and unwind.

Around 12h00 you will have your preoperative consult with Dr Bart van de Ven. Please note that this consultation is medico-legally obliged. You can talk about your procedures one more time, preoperative pictures will be taken, some administrative documents will have to be filled in and you will receive your postoperative medication and icepacks.

In case you need a CT-scan of the neck because you’re getting a tracheal shave, this will take place on the same day. Instructions will follow.

Operation day: your big day

  • On the day of your surgery, you will need to be sober for at least 8 hours before the surgery takes place. So no food, no liquids (not even water). 
  • When the time of your surgery has arrived, your patient coordinator Elli will accompany you to the operating room.
  • You will have an overnight stay in the hospital.

The rest of your stay in the Guesthouse

The first morning after your operation the morning nurse will shower in the morning and take care of the bandages. Dr Bart van de Ven will visit you before twelve.

Your final day at 2pass Clinic: goodbye and final control with the doctor

  • In case your FFS is on Tuesday, you will arrive at our clinic on Monday, and leave the following Monday
  • In case your FFS is on Thursday, you will arrive at our clinic on Wednesday, and leave the following Wednesday

You will have your final check-up with Dr Bart van de Ven in his consultation room at 2pass Clinic around noon. Pictures for the medical record will be taken. And as most stitches are self-dissolvable, you will now be ready to return home!

After 4 months: evaluation with the doctor

We have a postop control after 4 months in Antwerp, or the city you have chosen. We’ll discuss your recovery, take a look at the results, and discuss whether there is still something we could do for you.

This is how other patients reflected upon their stay at 2pass Clinic during their 4 months check-up


You still have another question? Feel free to ask! We will answer your question and if generally applicable add it to the FAQ of this page.

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