Lip surgery

Lip surgery

Lip surgery is one of Dr Bart van de Ven’s specialties. The techniques developed to make the lips of transwomen more feminine, are actually techniques that can also benefit the aging women.

As our faces age, so do our lips. The oral region tends to droop and sag. Volume loss is only part of the explanation for this phenomenon, degradement of the structure of the skin and its supporting tissue are as important. Lip surgery is an important part of a facial feminization surgery.

FAQs about this procedure

Gender and aging of the lips

Male lips and aging female lips
  • Longer upper lip with less projection
  • Less visibility of the teeth

Youthful female lips
  • Shorter upper lip with good projection
  • More visibility of the teeth

The male face typically has a long upper lip with little or no visibility of the upper teeth.The youthful female face is characterized by a shorter distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip with more visibility of the teeth. It is a typical feminine trait that also characterizes youth, as opposed to the upper lip drooping and covering up your teeth which characterizes the aging process.

Lip Enhancement & Reshaping

In order to have youthful, sensual lips, we now know that shape is far more important than volume. Augmentation of the lips with a filler only addresses the volume problem. An increasing numbers of our patients are seeking beautification through reshaping. It also offers the distinct advantage of being a permanent solution.

Dr Bart van de Ven performs the following lip reshaping procedures:

  • Lip lift: shortens the distance between the nose and upper lip, gives more teeth exposure and causes a subtle roll out of the upper lip (which means the red portion of the upper lip is more visible)
  • Midfacelift to lift the corners of the mouth: drooping outer corner of the mouth.
  • Lipofilling of the lips: Fat transfer is an excellent way to permanently and naturally add volume to the lips.
  • Deep skin peel around the mouth to address the wrinkles
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