Facial Feminization Surgery Skype Consultations

Facial Feminization Surgery Skype Consultations

When booking a Facial Feminization Surgery Skype consultation, you will receive a:

  • Quote –A quote is a document composed of the suggested Facial Feminization Surgery procedures by the surgeon and their prices;
  • Simulation – An FFS simulation generates what you could look like after your Facial Feminization Surgery;
  • Skype Appointment – 30-minute Skype appointment with Dr Bart van de Ven. Here you can discuss the quote and the simulation with the surgeon.

Four easy steps to follow when booking your FFS Skype consultation

1 – Have your Skype name on hand

If you already have a Skype account, search for your username and have it on hand so we can get in touch with you to establish the connection. If you do not use Skype yet, download the application and create your account.

How to find your Skype name:

  • Click on the three dots
  • Then click on ‘settings’
  • Find your Skype name as shown below

How to find your Skype name

How to find your Skype name

 2 – Make good digital pictures

To get your quote and simulation, we need the following 5 pictures:

Some important caveats for the pictures:

  • Neutral background—Choose a neutral background. Best is a closed door in a well-lit room.
  • Hair tight—Make sure your hair is not covering any part of your face.
  • Make-up—Try to avoid a heavy make-up so Dr Bart van de Ven can make a good assessment of your natural facial features. Light make-up is no problem.
  • Facial hair—If you are still bothered by facial hair, it is best to remove it before you make the pictures. With facial hair, a good simulation of results is not possible.
  • Do not look upwards—Make sure the eye-ear plane is perfectly horizontal. This means we need the top edge of your tragus (middle part of the ear) to be in line with the lower part of your eye socket, as demonstrated in these examples. This can be achieved by pretending you have a pile of books stacked on top of your head.

    People have a natural tendency to look upwards when making a picture. To look straight, imagine you have a pile of books on your head when someone makes a picture of you.



  • Take your pictures close enough—It is important your face constitutes at least 80% of the picture, if not the resolution is too low to judge properly.
  • Do not make selfies—The angles are always distorted when you make selfies. Ask a friend or family member to make the pictures for you.

    No selfies: ask someone to make your pictures.

3 – Book your FFS Skype consultation below

When making your appointment, you will be asked to upload the pictures and to fill out your Skype name.

4 – Pay a fee of 100 euros for your consultation (automatic redirect after step 3) 

After submission of the form you will be automatically redirected to the Paypal site. You don’t need a Paypal account to be able to pay with Paypal.


More than 6 months ago I received a proposal from you which has now expired. Do you want me to send new pictures?

As we try to improve our techniques all the time we would like to make a new proposal. Ideally this is done during a consultation in person. If this is not possible, please send your pictures as explained in https://www.2passclinic.com/practical/proposal/, preferably without make-up.

Do I need a Paypal account to be able to pay with Paypal?

You don’t need a Paypal account to be able to pay with Paypal. Just click on the bottom link below the Paypal window saying “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” (see screenshot below).

Will it be possible to make a professional proposal based on pictures of the face only?

We prefer a face to face consultation if reasonably possible. Being able to touch the face is better for analysing a face. In most cases though good pictures as described in https://www.2passclinic.com/practical/proposal/ will give the doctor enough information to make a professional proposal. If necessary the proposal can be slightly adjusted the day before surgery during the preoperative consultation.


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