Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

A telltale sign of the aging face is upper eyelid skin redundancy and lower eyelid bags. Simultaneously with a facial feminization surgery it is common for eye bags and sagging eyelids to be corrected with a procedure called “blepharoplasty”.

FAQs about this procedure

Procedure blepharoplasty

    • Incisions are made in the natural creases or folds of the eyelids.

  • Underlying fat may be removed, excess skin is trimmed along the natural fold of the eyelid.
  • Incisions are closed with a very fine suture

Recovery of a blepharoplasty

  • Swelling—Initial swelling and bruising take one to two weeks to resolve but it will take at least several months for the final result to become stable. Depending on the scope of the procedure, the operation takes about one hour per eyelid pair to complete.
  • Stitches—Stitches will be removed about five days after surgery.


FAQs before surgery

Sometimes I get asked to model during a photoshoot. How long should I wait to book one after my FFS?

That is a very difficult one. It depends very much upon your healing and we can’t give you any guarantee about how long it takes before you look good enough for a photoshoot.
It could be 4 months, but it could also be a year. Of course it also depends on the amount of work that has been done.

When can I have sauna again after my FFS?

You will have to wait for 4 weeks, then you are free to have a sauna!

What does this procedure cost?

There are 3 options to receive a financial and operative proposal. You can either send us pictures and receive a quote and an FFS simulation, or you can book a Skype or a live consultation with Dr Bart van de Ven during which you will also receive a quote and FFS simulation.

How do I get my FFS price request?

Click here if you want to get a general idea of FFS prices.

How long after lower eyelid surgery will my eyelids be sewn together in the corner?

For 8 days. In case the swelling is extreme it might even be better to leave the sutures in until the swelling has gone down far enough.

Can I get this surgery if I’m a cis woman?

Yes, of course. We perform Facial Feminization Surgery on all women. Every woman is welcome at our clinic!

FAQs after surgery

We are now two weeks after the operation with an incision under the lower eyelids and the lower eyelids are a little bit pulled down. What should I do?

Frequently when performing the transcutaneous blepharoplasty the orbicularis muscle is denervated and lid tone is diminished.  As the tone of the muscle returns the lid position should as well.  To prevent ectropion (lid margin evertion) two weeks after surgery you should start regular upward massage of the lid several times daily for 3 to 5 minutes (at least 3 times a day). This will improve lid tone and the lid position. Lower blepharoplasty takes one year to fully mature into post operative results.

You still have another question? Feel free to ask! We will answer your question and if generally applicable add it to the FAQ of this page.

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