2pass Clinic Offers All FFS Patients a Guesthouse for Recovery

Posted on November 12, 2017 by Ellen Defrancq

When you schedule your facial feminization surgery at 2pass Clinic, the price of your FFS surgery includes pre-surgical treatment and recovery in a stunning, luxurious guesthouse. This guesthouse will make your experience a more pleasant one because you will feel safe and pampered before and after your surgery.

One-Week Guesthouse Stay

The guesthouse is conveniently located on the top floor of the clinic. It has eight private rooms with a common kitchen and living area that can be used  at any time. Each patient has her own room where she can stay from the day before till 6 days after her surgery.  The guesthouse has a resident, so 24/7 someone will look after you. Nutritious meals will be served during your stay to help you recover as fast as possible.

2pass Guesthouse for Recovery

Meals Planned per Patient

Breakfast, soup for lunch, and a gourmet dinner are on the menu in the 2pass guesthouse each day of the week. These meals are custom-designed for patients’ unique needs and wishes. We cater vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free on demand. Patients who can eat normal solid foods will have traditional meals. For those who have had chin or jaw work done and therefore have difficulty chewing, soft food will be made. You’ll also find a healthy fruit bowl, some snacks and drinks to keep you going through the day. Meals are served at a certain hours when all patients gather at the table creating a family atmosphere. These moments are cherished most by our patients.  

2pass FFS Recovery Room

Plenty of Patient Support

Not only do patients interact with the resident but also with Elli, the patient coordinator. Elli serves as a guide, answers questions and provides helpful information. As all the patients are going through similar processes and have access to common areas where they can mingle, they can exchange experiences and provide support to one another. Often, simply meeting with others who are on similar journeys can boost morale and provide a sense of wellbeing. 2pass Clinic guesthouse is often the place where true friendships start!

The night after your operation

The night after your operation one of the night nurses, Elke and Tamara,  will be continuously available. They will help you through as comfortable as possible.

Privacy when You Want It

Although patients are encouraged to spend time in the common kitchen and living area to interact, the staff at 2pass understands that there are times when you may just want your privacy. In this case, you can enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom, where TV, Netflix and free Wi-Fi are available during your stay. 2pass Clinic wants to help you feel at home and at the same time help you recover under the supervision of medical professionals.

FFS Recovery Guesthouse

At 2pass Clinic, patients don’t have to recover in an industrialized hospital setting where they are often seen as numbers. In fact, the guesthouse arrangement offers personal attention creating incredible peace of mind and comfort. If you want a spa-like experience and to be pampered post-surgery, consider 2pass Clinic and their wonderful staff. At 2pass Clinic we are grateful we can travel with you during part your journey.

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