Cheek augmentation

Cheek augmentation

While the shape of the cheeks is not generally a female or male characteristic, it is true that a lack of cheek prominence is often not appealing. High prominent cheekbones are frequently associated with feminine beauty. Augmentation is therefore helpful in feminising the face.

FAQs about this procedure

Gender of the cheek

Male cheek

  • Less pronounced cheeks

Female cheek

  • Fuller cheeks overall

Females often have more a forward projection of their cheekbones as well as fuller cheeks overall. The cheekbones are more prominent in women and together with the more slender angles of the jaw and smaller chin causing the face to be more heart-shaped. Men’s faces tend to be more square because of their cheekbones being more flat, the angles being more jutted out the chin being more angular.

Feminizing the cheek

cheek augmentation medpore ffs facial feminisation surgery

We have two procedures by which we can achieve a cheek augmentation.

  • Fat transfer (lipofilling) — This procedure is recommended for patients that want a minor augmentation of their cheekbones or want to have more ‘fleshy’ cheeks. Procedure lipofilling with your own fat
  • Medpore implants — A larger, and 100% sure permanent (but more expensive) augmentation can be accomplished with Medpor cheek implants.

cheek augmentation

About Medpor

As we have seen too many problems with capsulation, displacement or infection of silicone implants we only use Medpor implants that consist of porous polyethylene. They allow for surrounding tissue ingrowth because of its open pore structure. This ingrowth of tissue prevents the implant from shifting out of place.

Medpor implants consist of porous polyethylene. They allow for surrounding tissue ingrowth because of the open pore structure. This ingrowth of tissue prevents the implant from shifting out of place.

The implants come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can easily be moulded, depending on the needs of the patient. They are easy to apply and noticable asymmetries after surgery are almost impossible.

Procedure Medpor implants

  • Anesthesia— Cheek augmentations are usually performed under general anesthesia and take about 30 minutes to one hour.
  • Incision— A small incision is made inside the mouth, in the gum above the upper teeth, so no scars will be visible on the outside.
    cheek augmentation medpore ffs facial feminisation surgery
  • Pocket— A pocket behind the muscles of each cheek is then created and the implant is placed immediately overlying the cheek bones.

    cheek augmentation medpore

  • Placement— The implants are sculpted at the time of the surgery for adjustment to the needs of each patient and then fixated to the bone using microscrews to prevent displacement.

    cheek augmentation medpore ffs facial feminisation surgery

  • Suturing—The incision in the mouth is closed with absorbable sutures.


    • Sutures— You will have sutures in your mouth, which are dissolvable. You should use mouthwash 2 to 3 times a day, to keep the area clear of debris. The resulting scars on the gums will be completely concealed inside the mouth. The sutures will dissolve in about two weeks time.
    • Swelling— You can expect to have some swelling following this surgery. Try to rest and sleep propped up with 2 -3 pillows during the first week after your surgery, to help reduce any swelling and bruising. The swelling may last one or two weeks. Bruises are very infrequent.
    • Pain— Pain, stiffness and temporary numbness may occur.


FAQs before surgery

Sometimes I get asked to model during a photoshoot. How long should I wait to book one after my FFS?

That is a very difficult one. It depends very much upon your healing and we can’t give you any guarantee about how long it takes before you look good enough for a photoshoot.
It could be 4 months, but it could also be a year. Of course it also depends on the amount of work that has been done.

What does this procedure cost?

If you want you can send us good pictures together with your ideas so we can send you a financial and operative proposal. To receive a proposal, please fill in the proposal request online and pay the proposal fee of 50 euro through Paypal.

Of course you are always welcome for a consultation.

Are all the cheek augmentation contours the same or can the doctor decide on the shape and size?

The doctor can decide on the size and shape of the implant. In 80% of cases the same implant is used, but if indicated other sizes and shapes are used.

FAQs after surgery

What happens with the stitches in my mouth?

They dissolve in 5 – 7 weeks. They don’t have to be removed. If they would still be in your mouth after 7 weeks you can easily remove them just by pulling as they will immediately break.

You still have another question? Feel free to ask! We will answer your question and if generally applicable add it to the FAQ of this page.