Electrolysis: Eyes wide shut – or better not?

Posted on March 21, 2017 by Ellen Defrancq

A little story from former times, although not so far in my remembrance…

From mid 1996 to mid 1997 I had electrolysis of the beard hairs, which were so much annoying. This was made via electrolysis hair removal – slow and time consuming, but reliable and safe (and fortunately with a tolerable, high potential pain killer).

Even if I had wanted it: First applications of laser hair removal, that had just been invented, took place in the time of march and april 1997, followed by the cheers of the treated persons. So much faster, and such easier! Only few worries were to be heard, laser hair removal could maybe not be as permanent as mentioned. These worries sadly would come true later!

electrolysisThat doesn’t matter for me, because needle electrolysis was well advanced in the (by the way pretty rainy) spring of that year. I had achieved that by no longer taping the “beard” area (in opposite of the year before), but letting grow hair on major parts of the face openly in order to have access to hair follicles when having a higher frequency of treatments (about 3 to 4 per week). Of course in the anagen phase – only then it makes sense at all.

Of course that gave a strange look: the first area was free of hairs after electrolysis hair removal, but swollen and light red. Most time directly neighbouring the area for the next treatment, full of hair already, and on another area hairs that were about to grow out – until the third treatment in that week these would be much more noticable. Fortunately I’d got prescripted large amounts of a high potential pain killer which I could ingest shortly before treatments. That opportunity had not everyone those times.

Hello at the Discounter

The electrologist’s office was about 12 kms distant from my those times’ appartement. With the look of a rag rug it was difficult of course to be in the public. Anyway I had to go shopping. I did that in a discounter’s small branch store that was located halfway nearby of the route.

I did not wanted to cause a stir. But how to face the cashiers? I decided to behave as naturally as possible and to face them in an friendly and open way and not inhibited or overcautiously. I had no difficulties with it. After a short time I was greeted with “Hallo” (hello) – like someone that is seen frequently.

After some time the electrologist told me about a new customer. She called her attention after hearing that electrolysis was part of the institute’s offer.

“For some time past someone goes shopping in our store. She’s a woman, but in many areas of her face hairs stand out – like beard hairs, really. Can you imagine that? Really strange. But she is a nice person.”

– “Does she have long, brown hair and wears a dark blue coat?”

– “Yes…? That’s right!”

– “I think that’s one of my customers…”

Even nowadays I see that cashier time by time, because she stands in in other stores of the same discounter. Whilst the short chat I always feel pleasure about that time, that I overcame. The special meaning of this stories’ German version headline is a play on words – here we say often “Augen zu und durch” which means directly translated “shut the eyes and get through it”. I did not want to “close my eyes” but overcome the situation with “open eyes” – acting and behaving openly to the people I had to deal with.

Patchwork Carpet

If I would have had the possibility of having removed hair of the complete facial area in a longer treatment in their anagen phase, and this with appropriate use of pain killers, like it is done in the 2pass Clinic – I would have enjoyed to do that! Not for everyone it is useful or bearable (like I described it before), to walk around as a “patchwork carpet” for some time. Those times I had no work (but an employment in view in the medium term), and because of that lots of time temporarily. Most people affected with this do not have that possibility. Holidays might be recommendable. Even if the health insurance does not take over costs first time – it should be claimed beforehand. Then chances will be good to get the means paid back that were spent for it.


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