Personal shopping in Antwerp for transwomen

Personal shopping in Antwerp for transwomen

Can you use some advice with clothing? Greet Moens, our image stylist has been working with people and fashion for 20 years. She is always searching for the inner beauty and matching it to the ‘ image’ of her clients. That’s why her baseline is ‘become who you are’.

How does it work?

  • First she meets at the clients home. She looks into her clients’ wardrobe to get to know them better.
  • She first maximizes the existing clothes like shopping in their own wardrobe and always finding many new, fresh and stylish looks!
  • Together pictures are taken of these looks, which become their everyday personal style guide. This experience teaches clients how to style their body shape, how to work with textures, prints and colours, how to pick the right collections in stores, how to accessorize, etc.
  • At the client’s request, also personal shopping is possible for every budget in stores chosen by the client or by Greet.
  • After shopping, we incorporate the new clothes into the new wardrobe multiplying the number of possible looks!
  • Again pictures are taken to join the others in the personal style guide.
  • Extra services: bringing clothes to tailor to adapt, making matching jewellry, picking up clothes in stores…

How does it look?

Greet advised Petra, our guesthouse resident. Here’s a photographic impression:

Pictures by Kathleen Buytaert (


65 euro/hour

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