Differences between the Breasts of Transgender and Cisgender Women

Posted on June 22, 2018 by Ellen Defrancq
Breasts of Transgender and Cisgender Women

Breasts are often viewed as the epitome of femininity, and that’s why MtF breast augmentation is at the very top of transgender women’s lists when it comes to medical and surgical procedures. Though it is absolutely possible for transgender women to have beautiful breasts, it is important to have the right expectations. Here, you will learn about these differences, so you can make better decisions about your own body.

Body Composition

The first thing to consider when comparing transgender and cisgender breasts is the difference between these two women’s bodies. Transgender women naturally have broader chests, and because of this, they often require larger cup sizes in order for their chests to appear proportional. Larger cup sizes are also beneficial for transgender women who are taller or who have larger frames; in fact, smaller breasts can look unnatural in this case. Patients can schedule consultations to discuss the best cup sizes for their needs.

Hormone Therapy

For transgender women who have undergone several years of hormone therapy, it is very likely that they have developed some of their own natural breast tissue. Though breast development from person to person will vary significantly depending on how long the patient has been using hormone therapy, such breasts are typically much smaller than a cisgender woman’s breasts. Nonetheless, they can serve as a framework for implants and make even larger implants look far more natural after surgery.  


Cisgender women have much thinner chest muscles, and the skin surrounding the breast tissue is relatively loose as it has had time to adjust along with the natural growth of the breast. This makes it much easier for surgeons to insert even very large implants. This is not the case with transgender women, however. These patients often have thicker chest muscles and very tight skin that has not had the opportunity to adapt to naturally-growing tissue. Though transgender women can benefit from larger implants, it is more challenging for surgeons to insert them.

Overcoming the Differences

Despite the fact that transgender and cisgender women have very different bodies in the genetic sense, surgeons can utilize a number of therapies to prepare transgender women for proportional breast implants. Sometimes, surgeons might start with smaller implants, allow the skin to stretch, and then insert larger implants later down the line. In other cases, a tissue expander might be the best solution. It is much like an implant, but it can be increased in size with salt water injections over time. Finally, it may also be possible to utilize the patient’s own fat tissue. Following a liposuction procedure, the fat is reinserted into the breast area in a series of treatments to stretch the skin.

Breast implants are one of the most important parts of a transgender woman’s transition. They are a huge symbol of femininity, and they can make these individuals feel more at home in their own skin. Today’s research and technology has made it possible for surgeons to augment breast tissue in a way that looks just as natural, beautiful, and feminine as cisgender women’s breasts.

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