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Price body feminization surgery

Please notice: Dr Maarten Doornaert can not operate you when he didn’t see you in person. A consultation is obligatory. This consultation should be at least 2 working days before the actual surgery if implants need to placed during the operation. This because there are many different implants and the correct one has to be ordered. Below you’ll find an indication of the prices of Dr Doornaert. As Dr Doornaert operates on a Tuesday, it would mean he should see you on the Sunday before in Antwerp to order the correct implants by Tuesday.

Consultation Dr Doornaert

Price list Dr Maarten Doornaert (excl VAT)

  • Breast augmentation by implants: 4800€.
  • Hip augmentation with implants: 7250€.
  • Buttock augmentation with implants: 7250€.
  • Combination of hip and buttock augmentation by implants: 10.000€ (not recommended because you can only sleep on your belly)
  • Combination of gluteal implant with liposuction and lipofilling of the hips is 9000€.
  • Combination of hip implant with liposuction and lipofilling is 9000€.
  • Gluteal and hip augmentation with liposculpture is 5500€.

Online proposal request for breast and buttock implants and lipofilling only (not hip augmentation by implants)

If you live really far and a consultation in London or Antwerp beforehand is not really an option, you can ask for an online proposal for body feminization for transgender patients. This is possible for breast augmentation and buttock augmentation by implants, not for hip augmentation by implants because those implants are still custom made and that takes time for the firm. As it is important Dr Doornaert sees you in person at least two working days before the operation to order the breast or buttock implants, you should arrive in Belgium on Sunday for a consultation, for an operation next Tuesday.

Pictures needed for breast: arms next to the body, hands down.

Pictures for butt: hands above the head – back, lateral and 3/4 (left and right).

Pictures for hips: arms halfway up.


You still have another question? Feel free to ask! We will answer your question and if generally applicable add it to the FAQ of this page.

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