3D simulation of breast implants

3D simulation of breast implants

Still doubting about your ideal cup size, implant volume and shape?

A 3D simulation of breast implants allows you to visualize your body and virtually choose from a broad range of implant types and sizes during the 3D consultation. The 3D consultation is not performed by Dr Maarten Doornaert but by Anne-Caroline who does consultations in Antwerp on the same days as Dr Maarten Doornaert (so you can easily combine both consultations).

3D simulation body feminisation surgery

The implants are programmed with the manufacturer’s specifications, so you can virtually “try on” different implant sizes and shapes to see how they would look on your own body.

How Accurate is the 3D Breast Augmentation Simulation?

We have found this 3D simulation of breast implants to be very accurate. It measures the volume accurately and can give you a very good prediction of the size that you will be. If you already have a significant volume of breast tissue or need an uplift, it may be a little less accurate. It is also very useful communication tool between surgeon and patient.