Body Feminisation Surgery

Body Feminisation Surgery

Body feminisation surgery is performed by the plastic surgeon Dr Maarten Doornaert.

Body feminisation surgery, also referred to as MTF body contouring, refers to the use of surgical techniques that add feminine curves to your figure.
Fat deposits are different in men and women. If you’re considering one or more body contouring procedures to “feminize” some of your more masculine features, there are three main body regions that differentiate males from females:

  • breast
  • waist-to-hip ratio
  • buttock size and shape.

Body contouring procedures for transgender patients can include the removal of fat from key areas and transferring this fat to other areas such as the buttocks, hips and breasts to give more the feminine curves. If not enough fat is present the use of breast implants, but implants ore hip implants is indicated.

Procedures body feminisation surgery

Dr Maarten Doornaert performs the following surgery to feminise the body: