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Facial Feminization Surgery Testimonial

Below you can view video testimonials and read some comments from patients that were treated by dr Bart van de Ven. If you want to get in contact with one of these patients to learn about our facial feminization surgery, you can find their personal e-mail address on their respective testimonial pages and contact them personally. For all other questions, contact info@2passclinic.com.

Jessica after facial feminization surgery

Jessica talks about her first week of recovery after Facial Feminization Surgery

Paris after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Paris

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Leila

Jenny after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Jenny

Franka Facial Feminization Surgery Testimonial

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Franka

Alev after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Alev

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Maja

Jessica before facial feminization surgery

Jessica’s Facial Feminization Surgery journey

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Emily

After facial feminization surgery Caroline

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Caroline

Elle after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Elle

Facial feminization surgery recovery diary testimonial Rachel

Diary Facial Feminization Surgery – Rachel

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Jessica

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Sarah

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Olivia

FFS Munroe Bergdorf

Documentary with Munroe Bergdorf having FFS at 2pass Clinic

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery Kim

Testimonial facial feminization surgery Vanessa

German TV report features 2pass Clinic

Review FFS Dr Bart van de Ven

Milas review facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven

review facial feminization surgery before and after

Video testimonial of Danyella after her facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven

Facial Feminization surgery review

Facial Feminization Surgery Review from Lena

Testimonial Kymberley after facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery After Video

Jolina’s Facial Feminization Surgery

Alexandra's Facial Feminization Surgery with dr Bart van de Ven testimonial

Alexandra’s Facial Feminization Surgery testimonial

FFS Testimonial

Felicitas facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Jana after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Jana after her facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery Video

Testimonial Kymberley after her facial feminization surgery

Video Testimonial FFS

Laurens testimonial after facial feminization surgery

Jolina's facial feminization surgery before and after

Jolina and her FFS Surgery

Testimonial facial feminisation surgery

Testimonial Evelyns facial feminization surgery

Dr Bart van de Ven

Dr Bart van de Ven in Antwerp@Work

Testimonial video after facial feminisation surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven 2pass Clinic

Testimonial Ella and her mother after facial feminization surgery

Lena’s Testimonial about Facial Feminization Surgery at 2pass Clinic

Customer Testimonial Video

Nicoles testimonial on her FFS at 2pass Clinic

FFS Surgery Testimonial

Video testimonial from Deeanne

Samantha before and after facial feminisation surgery

Mia before and after facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminisation Testimonial

Video testimonial of Alexia after facial feminisation surgery

Testimonial Before & After

Testimonial Stephie 6 years after facial feminisation surgery

Customer Video Testimonials - FFS

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery Chris

Testimonial Facial Feminisation Surgery

Video testimonial Rachel

Facial Feminization Surgery on TV

Dr. Bart van de Ven and FFS in Telefacts

Lucia Lucas got FFS at 2pass Clinic

Opera star, operated by Dr Bart van de Ven, on 3Sat

Recent Comments
  • Lucia Lucas

    Posted: March 28, 2015

    I had my ffs on September 9th 2015. It has been a little over 6 months now and I am very happy with my results. I could not have wished for better results so far. In 6 months I will go for another checkup and discuss any possible revisions. With the mid-facelift I had, I have been told it takes about a year to be sure the healing process is done. This is also the case with having the jaw surgery. I will go back to him for any work I ever want that he offers. I was very impressed with our consultation how he measured the proportions of my face and took a very scientific approach to something that must also take a huge imagination. I trust him completely and his team. His new clinic in Antwerp (as of about September) is beautiful and brand new. In the last 6 months of recovering my confidence has been huge and my career is doing better that it ever has even pre-transition. Walking in the streets is so simple now, whereas before ffs, I avoided going out as much as possible, hoping hrt would do its work quicker. My last project was my first time presenting female on stage and I can't thank Dr. Bart van de Ven for such a pretty face to put on stage. Pre-ffs I would put on lots of makeup go to the theater. I would wash it off. They would do minimal "Man" makeup on me and then after the show I'd put on way more makeup to get back to myself. Now I can go to the theater with little to no makeup and the makeup artists have to try hard to make me look like a boy if that is whats required. I don't mind playing a boy on stage, but before ffs it was like there was a boy face under all my street makeup. Now my normal face without makeup is a girl face. On my blog you can find more about specifically what I had done and a comparison of my face before transitioning and after ffs. I will be occasionally updating my continued recovery. You can find my blog at 0p3r4.com (starts with a zero). Or check out my main site lucialucas.de If you are searching out a Dr., Dr. Bart van de Ven is a great surgeon and will make your daily life so much easier. I am about 6ft 200+lbs on a big frame, but because of my face, I pass. If you are not sure about ffs, know that this is the best money you will ever spend in your life. Feel free to ask me any questions about Dr. Bart or ffs: lucialucas.de@gmail.com

    • sophie

      Posted: July 30, 2015

      Hi Lucia, Your article on ffs and your interview on slipperdisc were so inspiring. Be the best you can, so go forth female baritone and conquer operatic worlds! Sophie

  • Heather Matthews

    Posted: March 21, 2015

    I had my surgery with Bart in July 2014 and without doubt it has made a massive difference and improvement to my life.It would be inaccurate to say that it is perfect but given what he started with and the end result I am satisfied.At some stage it will be necessary for him to perform a facelift as I have a bit of sagging from the jaw surgery.(this is to be expected given my age)At the same time then there a couple of things I will get tidied up.Would I return to him or recommend him to anyone-absolutely.He is a lovely,softly spoken man and a skilled surgeon.

  • Maria

    Posted: February 17, 2015

    I just wanted to write and express how deeply impressed I was by the care and professionalism of Dr van de Ven and all the staff at the clinic. I could not have been better treated or with more kindness. As for the results of the surgery, I am more than happy as they are both natural in appearance and subtle but very effective. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr van de Ven for any facial cosmetic surgery, large or small, and would like to reassure anyone who is reading that you will receive excellent and caring treatment, Just be aware that it does take a little while before everything begins to settle (about 6 weeks in my experience) so be prepared to take things easily and to be patient throughout the recovery period.

  • Diana

    Posted: February 10, 2015

    I had my facial feminisation with Dr Bart on September 4th 2014.After consulting with him about 6 months prior to the surgery we had decided to go for a “full” FFS, including hairline lowering, forehead recontouring + brow lift, rhinoplasty, chin and jaw recontouring and Adam’s apple shave. I have always known I am a girl inside, and living as woman has always been my greatest dream. However, having gone through male puberty, my face had masculinized severely with very pronounced and unmistakably male features. Any hope of me “passing” in public had evaporated and I knew my only option was to have facial feminisation. After many years of online research I heard of Dr Bart van de Ven and I was immediately impressed by the before & after pictures of his patients. More importantly I saw patients who had similar concerns like me before their surgeries (especially chin and nose), which Dr Bart seemed to be especially good at. That fact, plus his reasonable prices when compared to some of his overseas colleagues made me choose him as the surgeon to whom I could entrust my face. The consultation we had was very pleasant and informative and reassured me that I had made the right choice. As for the results, I am speechless. I think my pictures speak for themselves. Dr Bart managed to turn my fairly masculine face into that of a pretty girl. It is impossible to describe in words how much better I feel when I look at myself in the mirror and I see what I have always know should be there! All I can say is a huge thank you to Dr Bart and the whole team! If anyone is thinking of having FFS, I would strongly encourage them to consider Dr Bart, as I think he is one of the best surgeons in the field!


    Posted: May 21, 2014

    Hello everyone....I would like to give my testimony about my very good experience with the fantastic Dr. Van den Ven. I am very happy with the final resultings of my surgery. Finaly I can feel confortable with my face and looking at my before and after pictures I can not believe in such diffrence! I am very happy and I recomend all girls like me who is not happy with something in their faces to talk to Dr. Van den Ven I am sure you will be in the best angel feminisation hands. Good luck for everyone girls!

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