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Below you can view video testimonials and read some comments from patients that were treated by dr Bart van de Ven. If you want to get in contact with one of these patients to learn about our facial feminization surgery, you can find their personal e-mail address on their respective testimonial pages and contact them personally. For all other questions, contact info@2passclinic.com.

Jessica after facial feminization surgery

Jessica talks about her first week of recovery after Facial Feminization Surgery

Paris after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Paris

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Leila

Jenny after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Jenny

Franka Facial Feminization Surgery Testimonial

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Franka

Alev after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Alev

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Maja

Jessica before facial feminization surgery

Jessica’s Facial Feminization Surgery journey

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Emily

After facial feminization surgery Caroline

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Caroline

Elle after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Elle

Facial feminization surgery recovery diary testimonial Rachel

Diary Facial Feminization Surgery – Rachel

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Jessica

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Sarah

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Olivia

FFS Munroe Bergdorf

Documentary with Munroe Bergdorf having FFS at 2pass Clinic

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery Kim

Testimonial facial feminization surgery Vanessa

German TV report features 2pass Clinic

Review FFS Dr Bart van de Ven

Milas review facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven

review facial feminization surgery before and after

Video testimonial of Danyella after her facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven

Facial Feminization surgery review

Facial Feminization Surgery Review from Lena

Testimonial Kymberley after facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery After Video

Jolina’s Facial Feminization Surgery

Alexandra's Facial Feminization Surgery with dr Bart van de Ven testimonial

Alexandra’s Facial Feminization Surgery testimonial

FFS Testimonial

Felicitas facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Jana after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Jana after her facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery Video

Testimonial Kymberley after her facial feminization surgery

Video Testimonial FFS

Laurens testimonial after facial feminization surgery

Jolina's facial feminization surgery before and after

Jolina and her FFS Surgery

Testimonial facial feminisation surgery

Testimonial Evelyns facial feminization surgery

Dr Bart van de Ven

Dr Bart van de Ven in Antwerp@Work

Testimonial video after facial feminisation surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven 2pass Clinic

Testimonial Ella and her mother after facial feminization surgery

Lena’s Testimonial about Facial Feminization Surgery at 2pass Clinic

Customer Testimonial Video

Nicoles testimonial on her FFS at 2pass Clinic

FFS Surgery Testimonial

Video testimonial from Deeanne

Samantha before and after facial feminisation surgery

Mia before and after facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminisation Testimonial

Video testimonial of Alexia after facial feminisation surgery

Testimonial Before & After

Testimonial Stephie 6 years after facial feminisation surgery

Customer Video Testimonials - FFS

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery Chris

Testimonial Facial Feminisation Surgery

Video testimonial Rachel

Facial Feminization Surgery on TV

Dr. Bart van de Ven and FFS in Telefacts

Lucia Lucas got FFS at 2pass Clinic

Opera star, operated by Dr Bart van de Ven, on 3Sat

Recent Comments
  • Isabella Gomes

    Posted: May 14, 2014

    My name is Isabella and I'm here to talk a little about myself, I had to face with masculine traits and it bothered me a lot then I decided to have surgery with Dr.Bart Van de Ven, is five months I have performed my surgery and I am increasingly happy with the results day, the treatment is 100% was well received in the hospital take care of me very well not feel pain, I would do it all again, my life changed a lot after I realized my dream was to make the facial feminisation, I indicate to all who want to look beautiful and feminine look for Dr.Bart Van de Ven you will be well received and I'm sure not going to regret anything, congratulations Dr.Van de Ven loved the results thank you so much.

  • Rachel Hunt

    Posted: April 6, 2014

    I am a mature trans woman and last year (2013) decided to live fully as a woman. For many years I had mixed socially as a woman and trained my voice accordingly but my frame and especially my facial features prevented me from feeling fully confident, occasionally drawing stares and comments from onlookers. I decided to have FFS and a friend recommended Dr Bart Van de Ven as she had recently had her face feminised. I thought the results were stunning but also subtle, so I made a consultation appointment on 22 June 2013 with the thought of just having my nose altered and trying to have something done with the bags under my eyes. At the consultation in London, Dr Bart made me feel instantly at ease and after telling him what I wanted I asked him what he thought I should have done. After talking through the different options we decided I should have: Forehead re-contouring, Hairline lowering, Brow lift, Rhinoplasty, Jaw angle reduction, Chin re-contour, Croton oil peel and excision of moles. I had to provide a blood test, electrocardiogram and because of the jaw/chin procedure an orthopantomogram, to exactly locate the position of the mental nerve. Because of the croton oil peel a course of ointments were sent to me to apply under the eyes 6 weeks prior to surgery. I travelled alone to Ghent and stayed in a Guest House with fridge and cooking facilities. Dr Bart saw me the day before the operation for the obligatory pre-operative consultation, where we went through the procedures again and it became apparent that the croton oil peel on its own would not produce the desired result so it was decided to Lipo-fill under the eyes, cheeks and nasal septum. In addition Dr Bart demonstrated the face & nose supports and provided the loan of ice packs. Dr Bart carried out the 5 hours 45 minute operation on 21 October 2013 at the EMC2 Hospital and the hospital staff were fabulous, the level of care being extremely high. I stayed the night and after being bathed to remove all the blood from my hair Dr Bart examined me, said I could leave and a taxi took me back to my accommodation. (Since then Dr Bart has moved to Antwerp). I was astonished that there was no pain, not even a headache at any time, just bruising, swelling and some numbness in the forehead and lower lip, which I knew was normal. I spent 10 days in Ghent and even with the face/nose supports on I went shopping and for walks into town. I saw Dr Bart for the first control appointment 4 days after surgery, the second control on the eighth day before returning home to England. I travelled by Eurostar and there was no problem at passport control. I returned to work 2 weeks after the operation and by 4 weeks most of the extreme swelling had gone down, although it could take over a year for the swelling to disappear completely. The croton oil peel under the eyes has taken the longest to revert to normal, some 4 months after the operation and the area still needs to be kept out of the sun for at least another 2 months. The chin area under my lip remained numb so I recently saw an acupuncturist friend and within 3 sessions she had restored some feeling, although it could take another 6 months for a full recovery. So in summary I would definitely recommend Dr Bart Van de Ven. I found him passionately committed to his craft, continually pushing the boundaries to find and refine new techniques. On my transitioning journey the above FFS procedures have been the life changer for me, allowing me to fulfil my childhood dream with confidence and all made possible by a very nice guy.

  • Kelly

    Posted: December 22, 2013

    I had my surgery with Dr Bart on February 18th of this year and was planning on writing my testimonial after my 4 month check up, but decided to leave it until now, because I wanted to allow the changes to have enough time to take their course and for me to share those changes. As with many, I did my research about who to use, but was fortunate enough to meet Chris, who had her surgery with Dr Bart back in March 2012 and was lucky enough to see the results and get a chance to talk to her about her experience and based on that, I made an appointment to meet Dr Bart and it was the best decision I could have ever made. From my first appointment with Dr Bart, I knew he was the right choice, he knew the reasons why I wanted surgery and understood how these small changes to my facial features could possibly allow me to finally live a normal life or as near to a normal life as possible, he only suggested doing the things he thought needed doing, which is rare these days, as I think most would do what you asked for, but not Dr Bart, he knows that the smallest of subtle changes, can make a huge difference and that was his aim, to only make the smallest of changes and not take advantage of doing everything that I may have suggested. I arrived in Belgium a few days before my operation, I went alone, so was a little apprehensive, but managed to find my way to the Etienne apartments, which for me was perfect, as it was quiet, the owners were helpful, but didn't disturb you and I had my independence, which turned out to be perfect for me. I had chosen to have nurse Isabelle help me after my surgery and again, this was the right choice for me, I couldn't have managed without her, she came along to meet me before my surgery and was fantastic from then on, her advice and kindness was worth every penny, she really did make me feel relaxed about everything, I really can't thank her enough. As for my surgery, the whole experience was superb, the room was lovely, I was greeted with the most amazing view of the most beautiful sunrise, which I will never forget and I was looked after from the time of arriving, to when I went back to my apartment and again, this was mainly because I had Isabelle the morning after my surgery. I experienced no pain after surgery, only discomfort and headaches, the first few days were very difficult, the hardest thing I have ever had to go through, no sleep hardly, especially having to sit upright most of the time, was hard, eating was a struggle and just feeling tired, but it starts to get better after about day 3, but overall, the whole experience was faultless, I had no complaints what so ever. My recovery has been slow, but then I was told to expect that, I am sure it is different for us all, but I was lucky enough to have 6 months off after my surgery, so was able to take things at my own pace, it certainly hasn't been easy and I still have total numbness in my chin and lower lip and the top of my head, I had my incision in my hair and not along the hairline, as I was afraid about the scars, but that comes with it's own issues, as the hair fell out all along the scar line, so I had that to contend with, as it was more obvious than what the scar would have been, but my hair is now growing back, so you can't notice it now, which is lovely , as I have no scar along my hairline, as for the numbness, you get used to it after a while and adapt, it's not perfect, my mouth and chin are somewhat restricted in some ways, I am always biting the inside of my mouth, obviously I can't feel myself doing it and there is no pain, because it is numb, but again, you just adapt. I suppose the biggest question is, was it worth having the surgery and has it changed my life, without a doubt, for me, it was always the most important thing to do and it has changed my life so much, I now live my life as Kelly, nobody has a clue about me being transgender, I now have my own business, a small boutique style shop, which I love, my customers are fantastic, treat me as the woman I am and I have had no issues with people suspecting anything, which was the case before my surgery, I got the looks and you knew people were talking about you, but I don't have any of that anymore and now my confidence has just gone from strength to strength. I would never tell anyone to go to a certain place or person, as that choice has to be made by ourselves and for the correct reasons, but would I recommend Dr Bart for facial surgery, yes I would, without a doubt, he is a top class surgeon, but the most important thing is that he understands the reasons why we want the surgery and that for me, was the reason I chose him, I remember asking him at my first appointment, if he was the right person to make me look feminine and he said yes he was, on the day before my operation, I told him that is what he had said, he said to me that sounded arrogant, but it my eyes, it was professional confidence and he certainly lived up to that statement, so all I can say is, thank you so much Dr Bart. Merry Christmas Kelly

  • Iris

    Posted: September 16, 2013

    Facial feminisation surgery with Dr. van de Ven was without doubt one of the most important steps in my transition. Due to my prominent masculine facial features, it has always been clear for me that I wouldn't want to live full-time as a woman without facial surgery. After a lot of research on the topic and conversations with many surgeons around the world, I opted for Dr. van de Ven – and I don't regret it for a second. He is a very skilled surgeon who knows exactly what changes have to be made to a particular face to feminize it AND keep it natural-looking. My whole experience in Ghent has been very pleasant – from the first consultation to the final check-up. Dr. van de Ven and his team are all very professional and experienced, yet kind and caring people. The hospital is top-notch, and surgery itself wasn't as unpleasant as I imagined – I experienced no pain at all during recovery, and the swelling and bruising went down pretty quickly. I am very pleased with the outcome – my facial features are clearly feminine, and my gender never gets questioned in any situation. I just don't have to think about passing anymore, and facial feminisation surgery with Dr. van de Ven (together with successful voice training) has been the key to it.

  • Kenzie

    Posted: June 29, 2013

    After a number of years researching FFS I decided it was the right time in life to have the surgery. My motivation for having FFS was the type of employment I am in and my height. I am tall so I wanted my facial features to fall more within the feminine average. I live in the north-eastern United States. The surgeons in my area never seemed willing to be very aggressive even on very difficult cases. I found out about Dr. Bart through several online message boards and then I looked at his website. His results were very good with good consistency but it was not just the pictures that convinced me. I read about his approach to FFS. I liked the techniques which matched my particular concerns. Additionally, the United States is more expensive and health care here is decreasing in quality opposite to cost. A hospital stay in the United States can cost up to three times as much as in Europe. The care I received in Belgium was outstanding. Dr. Bart is very kind and soft spoken. He is modest but confident in his technique. The nursing staff is very friendly. They checked on me often. Gent was a wonderful place to recover. There is a lot of history. Buildings here are often far older than anything in the United States. I didn't have any complications. I knew there was a risk going into any surgery but nothing happened. There wasn't any pain that I recall. I mainly felt swollen and stiff but no pain thanks to the nurse. I was able to go out into Gent about five days after surgery. I was still very swollen but I had an excuse to put a hat and scarf on. Two weeks after surgery I was able to fly back to the United States in comfort. Surgery didn't affect travel. I am now just over six months post op and everyone says the results a good. The changes are very natural and no one can tell I had surgery unless I point out what I had done. Wearing make-up is much more enjoyable. I can do more with hair styles and even clothes. Certain styles I couldn't wear before I can now wear due to my softer facial features. I am considering going back to Dr. Bart for some smaller adjustments in the future when my schedule allows me to.

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