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Facial Feminization Surgery Testimonial

Below you can view video testimonials and read some comments from patients that were treated by dr Bart van de Ven. If you want to get in contact with one of these patients to learn about our facial feminization surgery, you can find their personal e-mail address on their respective testimonial pages and contact them personally. For all other questions, contact info@2passclinic.com.

Jessica after facial feminization surgery

Jessica talks about her first week of recovery after Facial Feminization Surgery

Paris after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Paris

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Leila

Jenny after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Jenny

Franka Facial Feminization Surgery Testimonial

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Franka

Alev after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Alev

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Maja

Jessica before facial feminization surgery

Jessica’s Facial Feminization Surgery journey

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Emily

After facial feminization surgery Caroline

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Caroline

Elle after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Elle

Facial feminization surgery recovery diary testimonial Rachel

Diary Facial Feminization Surgery – Rachel

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Jessica

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Sarah

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Olivia

FFS Munroe Bergdorf

Documentary with Munroe Bergdorf having FFS at 2pass Clinic

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery Kim

Testimonial facial feminization surgery Vanessa

German TV report features 2pass Clinic

Review FFS Dr Bart van de Ven

Milas review facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven

review facial feminization surgery before and after

Video testimonial of Danyella after her facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven

Facial Feminization surgery review

Facial Feminization Surgery Review from Lena

Testimonial Kymberley after facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery After Video

Jolina’s Facial Feminization Surgery

Alexandra's Facial Feminization Surgery with dr Bart van de Ven testimonial

Alexandra’s Facial Feminization Surgery testimonial

FFS Testimonial

Felicitas facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Jana after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Jana after her facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery Video

Testimonial Kymberley after her facial feminization surgery

Video Testimonial FFS

Laurens testimonial after facial feminization surgery

Jolina's facial feminization surgery before and after

Jolina and her FFS Surgery

Testimonial facial feminisation surgery

Testimonial Evelyns facial feminization surgery

Dr Bart van de Ven

Dr Bart van de Ven in Antwerp@Work

Testimonial video after facial feminisation surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven 2pass Clinic

Testimonial Ella and her mother after facial feminization surgery

Lena’s Testimonial about Facial Feminization Surgery at 2pass Clinic

Customer Testimonial Video

Nicoles testimonial on her FFS at 2pass Clinic

FFS Surgery Testimonial

Video testimonial from Deeanne

Samantha before and after facial feminisation surgery

Mia before and after facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminisation Testimonial

Video testimonial of Alexia after facial feminisation surgery

Testimonial Before & After

Testimonial Stephie 6 years after facial feminisation surgery

Customer Video Testimonials - FFS

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery Chris

Testimonial Facial Feminisation Surgery

Video testimonial Rachel

Facial Feminization Surgery on TV

Dr. Bart van de Ven and FFS in Telefacts

Lucia Lucas got FFS at 2pass Clinic

Opera star, operated by Dr Bart van de Ven, on 3Sat

Recent Comments
  • Johanna

    Posted: December 3, 2011

    Hi there! I´m Johanna, from Sweden. In the middle of October 2011, I went through a full FFS with Dr Bart. Before, I visited him in Ghent, and after that visit, I knew that I had found "my surgeon". Not only is Dr Bart a skilled surgeon, he is a very warm and caring person. Before I meet him, I thought persons like him, just like the dinosaurs, didn't exist anymore.... From day one, arriving in Ghent, to leaving, everything has been perfect. Not only Dr Bart, but also Dr Ellen and everyone else have been very nice and caring. The clinic EMC2 must be the perfect place to do a surgery in. It's new and very fresh with well educated, good experienced personal. Right now, I'm still recovering from my FFS, so it's to early to see my final results, but the details I can see, I'm very pleased and happy with. Also Dr Bart was pleased with the surgery of mine, and since I can trust him 110%, I'm not a bit worried! :) I can tell you this; -If I could have my FFS undone, I would choose Dr Bart over and over again! :) -Thanks Dr Bart & Dr Ellen with friends for everything you have done for me! You will always stay in my heart! Huuuugz! /Johanna

  • Sophia

    Posted: November 17, 2011

    Hi there! My name is Sophia, and I am a pre-op TS living in London. I read your testimony on Dr Bart's webiste- http://facialfeminisation.eu. Although I pass as a girl on the street, this is only possible thanks to make-up. There are days when I wake up in the morning and feel like wearing any make up, but that is not possible as people would recognise me as "a man". Please tell me about your experience now that you've had FFS. Do you still feel you have to wear make up? How long did it take for you to recover? You help would be much appreciated. Regards, Sophia

    • ella

      Posted: November 18, 2011

      hi there sophia Im not really the one to ask on the make up front as dont really like not wearing make up, not because i think i look at all masculine, i have a feminised face so i know i dont look like a man, more because i was always very very image concious so i just wouldnt ever feel like not wearing make up...its part of my daily creativity. I think if you are more natural and have ffs then you may feel very different. Life after ffs is different to life before, things become more assured and natural. Your attitude will change so that you will do what you feel, wear make up, not wear make up...Most important is that when your face is congruent with you brain you will not worry about having to wear make up to pass Attitude and belief are 90% of the process, FFS was like a key to unlocking the confidence I recovered really well after about 1 month i was really healed, after 3 months i looked great, but suddenly at about 6 months i became a really pretty woman. so be patient,. the initial results are great but they get much better... Dr Bart is a fantastic surgeono feel free to drop me a a mail if you want to chat more hall.ella@yahoo.com xx

  • Naomi

    Posted: October 22, 2011

    I had my forehead surgery with Dr van de Ven in June 2011 at his clinic MC2 clinic in Ghent. I had been looking at several alternative FFS surgeons but what actually caught my attention was the technical details in which he described his technique (can be found elsewhere on this site). The use of endotines, an irregular cut made at an angle to allow hair growback and so on made me understand that this was not only a standardized procedure passed down from some other FFS-surgeon but something unique that he had put a lot of thought into. I was right in my assumption, and looking back and having gone through the usual post-FFS comparing of results and scars and experiences with other transgendered aquaintances I now know I made the right choice. Not only is Dr van de Ven involved in other humanitarian work besides treating transgendered persons which I think speaks for itself concerning his attitude towards people in general, but he acctually made me forget that I was the least bit scared and was very honest about expected results and what can I say? There was a positive energy vibe all the way through from the first consultation to post-op swelling and stich removal. The MC2 clinic is a really cool place, modern and tidy and the staff is very kind, the. All needs are taken care of and I had the most amazing postop croissant breakfast there. There was a lot of blood and swelling as can be expected but having taken a couple of showers I was up walking and after spending countless moments staring at my new forehead going "wow!" I checked out of the clinic and went touristing in Ghent for a week. I stayed at Etienne Dewulfs studio apartment which is really quiet and nice and a perfect place to heal up, amazing fruitmarket and groceries next door which was just right since I'm a vegetarian. As for the result I am still going "wow!" 4 months later, my bruises gone and my scar is slowly fading. I am really happy. My preop/postop pictures show a subtle yet quite dramatic change, but more important the psychological impact is massive. I feel hopeful about my transition. My new face is not forced, Dr van de Ven made it look natural and looking through the family album, I actually look a lot like my mother when she was younger. I think that kind of deep understanding of the natural male/female divide in facial features takes a lot of skill from a surgeon. I am very pleased to recommend Dr van de Ven to anyone seeking FFS.

  • MJ

    Posted: August 27, 2011

    My daily job includes helping organisations en companies to improve the way they treat their (new) customers. Dr. Bart van de Ven belongs to the exceptional kind of people who understand the true value of a happy customer. I have been searching for an FSS specialist for over 10 years. During that time I have been consulting several specialist in my own country. I found out Dr. Bart is probably the only skilled specialist in FSS in Europe. None of the other specialists in my own country were able to help me with a specific type of surgery. Very few made me feel welcome or respected either to be honest. I always try to approach people with an open mind and heart. When I paid a visit to dr. Bart yesterday, I did not expect anything. The surprise/ irony! Never have I been treated better by a specialist in my life. In a subtle way I told him that I was very content with his approach. Not once did he bash his other colleagues. (None of them has ever forwarded any of their clients they themselves were not able to help, to him.) This was not even the best part. Dr. Bart actually performs the kind of surgery I was looking for, regularly. With awesome results, keeping the risks at a minimum. I am looking forward to undergo surgery. If that turns out to be a succes, I will be posting an additional testemonial with great joy. Keep up the good work dr. Bart! And thank you again.

  • Dick Herberts, the Netherlands

    Posted: April 15, 2011

    Due to an endoscopic eyebrowlift i had in february of 2011 somewhere in Antwerp my hairline was suddenly much higher after the operation and for me not acceptable at all. I was very dissapointed because now i felt i had a new problem to solve. I had thoughts of having a hair transplant to fix this but i understood this is a procedure that takes at least 1 year before you see any result and it's uncertain if the natural hairline as it was can be restored again. I search the internet and after some evenings of searching i discovered the website of Dr. Bart. I'am a male person and not interested in having feminisation but i was very interested in one of the procedures which is part of the feminisation process and which was described on Dr. Barts website, the hairline lowering. I contacted Dr Bart the next day and send him a couple of pictures to see if he could do something for me and he wrote me back saying that some significant result could be reached. In March 2011 i went to Gent for my first consultation and we spoke about the procedure and what could be reached by drawing a line on my forehead. It sounded all to good to be true and i made the appointment for my hairline lowering operation on april the 7th. The operation went smoothly and there was no pain during and after the operation. The result is awesome. I'am so glad Dr. Bart did this for me. He lowered my hairline with 1.5 cm in the middle and in the left corner (which was really bad) with almost 2cm. It's now all in symmetry Last week the stitches where removed. and my hairline is restored back as it was before. i'am very thankful. Dr Bart is a very nice and skilled person you can trust. You are in really good hands with him. Again, thanks and a lot of succes in helping other people.

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