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Facial Feminization Surgery Testimonial

Below you can view video testimonials and read some comments from patients that were treated by dr Bart van de Ven. If you want to get in contact with one of these patients to learn about our facial feminization surgery, you can find their personal e-mail address on their respective testimonial pages and contact them personally. For all other questions, contact info@2passclinic.com.

Jessica after facial feminization surgery

Jessica talks about her first week of recovery after Facial Feminization Surgery

Paris after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Paris

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Leila

Jenny after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Jenny

Franka Facial Feminization Surgery Testimonial

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Franka

Alev after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Alev

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Maja

Jessica before facial feminization surgery

Jessica’s Facial Feminization Surgery journey

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Emily

After facial feminization surgery Caroline

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Caroline

Elle after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Elle

Facial feminization surgery recovery diary testimonial Rachel

Diary Facial Feminization Surgery – Rachel

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Jessica

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Sarah

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Olivia

FFS Munroe Bergdorf

Documentary with Munroe Bergdorf having FFS at 2pass Clinic

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery Kim

Testimonial facial feminization surgery Vanessa

German TV report features 2pass Clinic

Review FFS Dr Bart van de Ven

Milas review facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven

review facial feminization surgery before and after

Video testimonial of Danyella after her facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven

Facial Feminization surgery review

Facial Feminization Surgery Review from Lena

Testimonial Kymberley after facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery After Video

Jolina’s Facial Feminization Surgery

Alexandra's Facial Feminization Surgery with dr Bart van de Ven testimonial

Alexandra’s Facial Feminization Surgery testimonial

FFS Testimonial

Felicitas facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Jana after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Jana after her facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery Video

Testimonial Kymberley after her facial feminization surgery

Video Testimonial FFS

Laurens testimonial after facial feminization surgery

Jolina's facial feminization surgery before and after

Jolina and her FFS Surgery

Testimonial facial feminisation surgery

Testimonial Evelyns facial feminization surgery

Dr Bart van de Ven

Dr Bart van de Ven in Antwerp@Work

Testimonial video after facial feminisation surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven 2pass Clinic

Testimonial Ella and her mother after facial feminization surgery

Lena’s Testimonial about Facial Feminization Surgery at 2pass Clinic

Customer Testimonial Video

Nicoles testimonial on her FFS at 2pass Clinic

FFS Surgery Testimonial

Video testimonial from Deeanne

Samantha before and after facial feminisation surgery

Mia before and after facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminisation Testimonial

Video testimonial of Alexia after facial feminisation surgery

Testimonial Before & After

Testimonial Stephie 6 years after facial feminisation surgery

Customer Video Testimonials - FFS

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery Chris

Testimonial Facial Feminisation Surgery

Video testimonial Rachel

Facial Feminization Surgery on TV

Dr. Bart van de Ven and FFS in Telefacts

Lucia Lucas got FFS at 2pass Clinic

Opera star, operated by Dr Bart van de Ven, on 3Sat

Recent Comments
  • Angela

    Posted: April 10, 2011

    I had Facial Feminisation Surgery done by Dr Bart van de Ven at the beginning of October 2010. There were two pre-op consulations. At the first we discussed the surgery and the likely results and possible problems. The second was in Belgium the day before the surgery. The surgery itself was done in the E:MC2 medical centre on the outskirts of Ghent. This is a small but very modern and very clean clinic. I stayed one night in E:MC2 after the surgery. I was kept as comfortable as possible after the long operation. The nurses were friendly and efficient. The first few days were difficult because of swelling and bruising, and I had some complications with a facial palsy which resolved itself over a period of a few months, and some problems relating to my skin, which is very thin and stretchy. This necessitated further surgery which has been successful. This was paid for by Dr Bart. I found Dr Bart to be realistic about what could be achieved and also what I wanted and what would work for me as a person. One of the reasons I chose him to do the surgery was that I felt he makes faces that suit the diverse characters of his patients, taking into account ethnicity, personality and what he has to work with, and I think that he has done this for me. I have found Dr Bart to be a very professional doctor who cares about the welfare of his patients. I am very happy with the results of the surgery. It has improved my day to day life and my confidence hugely. I live in a rough part of my country, and I now experience less harassment. People respond more positively to me and for the first time in my life I feel attractive as a woman.

  • Paula

    Posted: March 17, 2011

    Dr Bart was recommended to me by a friend of mine Bianca (she is in the before and after pictures). This was always going to be the most important part of my transition. As someone that works with new people on a daily basis it was important for me to be judged on my ability and not my Transexuality. But lets face it, it's not cheap! My main concerns were that i would not get results. Secondary was that i would end up as a hideous mess. I went through the whole thing from consultation to the trip to Gent with my Mother who criticizes everything from my hair colour to my socks but is always right. She and I were very very very impressed. The whole place is brand new and the staff there are caring,sweet and professional. I always felt cared for, with the surgeon on the end of a phone at all times, Now don't go into this thinking it's a walk in the park! You will have massive swelling and look terrible for a short time after. You will feel this short time is not very short at all! But I can tell you, it's a very worth while thing to do. I now (after 3 months) feel so much better about myself. I was confident before but i feel now that i have truly become myself. It is tough. Very tough but (not wanting to be over dramatic) it's a little like a re birth. Dr Bart and his team are the best and it really is the sort of thing you don't want to trust to just anyone!! Big Love to you all! Paula

  • Kim

    Posted: February 27, 2011

    Hi I am Kim, from the UK. I had my surgery in early August 2010 and was one of the first Dr Bart’s “ Ghent girls” after he moved to his lovely Ghent Medical Centre. To race to a happy ending, my FSS turned out very, very well. In my opinion Bart Van Der Ven is one of the leading FSS surgeons on the planet! But is he the right choice for you..? Well, only you can decide that one girls! I did extensive, and I mean REALLY extensive research on who to choose. I strongly you suggest you do the same. Now using a European surgeon is not a cheap option, its twice as much as the Far East option by my calculations. Personally, I don’t think Thai surgeons, and European faces work that that well. But it all depends on who you chose. So, my view was I wanted a European Maxillo-Facial guy who specialised in FSS. Someone who really understood what a transsexual woman wants to achieve. Not cosmetic beauty...but a female appearance. To blend in..not stand out.. I picked Dr Bart because of his huge depth of experience and I found he REALLY knows how to “feminise” a male face. Another great thing about him is that he encourages his patients to get the right set of procedures. Procedures that will literally transform your face. What I wanted, and what he suggested was pretty close anyways, but I was assured by his views on keeping facial symmetry and proportion. Now, you will have seen the facilities and such, and they are “Top Notch” the Operating Theatre itself is one of the most advanced, and well equipped I have seen. I suffered no post Op-infections, and all my wounds healed remarkably well. I have to tell you I hated the whole operation process as I am scared of operations. But Dr Bart’s nursing and theatre team where lovely, and all highly professional. They looked after me very well. By far the worst part for me was the 24 hours after the Op. I felt SO bad, but they got me going, and I moved to my hotel with Dr Bart driving me there, and settling me in. He was great. In a nutshell, he is a good guy and kind man. He does care about his girls. I had two days alone in the hotel, and would not recommend that to anyone! Now Dr Bart came to visit each day, and stayed a while, but if you have a friend who can accompany you that’s the best thing. Luckily, I had a friend who came out to support on Day 4 and she was proper tonic, and an angel for me. Now in terms of the outcome..? You need to give it 6 months in my experience…But am I happy?…Yes I am very, very happy! I am very grateful to Dr Bart. People often said to me I looked womanly, and passable, but I never felt I did, nor did I believe them. I could always see “him”. Now, I feel I look female, I feel I look like a female version of me old self, and I see “her” not “him”. All the work Dr Bart did for me has blended together to subtly feminise my face. I feel I look like the woman I should have be born as! One thing I would say is be very clear about what you want…and ask lots of questions! Dr Bart will have the answers, also show him pics of what you want..I used woman’s mags to demonstrate things! Now it’s not all “out of this world” news. If I look hard enough I can see some area where I could do with a tweak or two. That might well be more about my expectations! I had also opted for a mid-face lift that was undertaken by another surgeon supporting Dr Bart, and I am less happy with that outcome. I shoulda had Bart do it! But the overall effect of the surgery has been what I wanted. The bottom line…with Dr Bart you get a great FFS surgeon, with a terrific track record, and professional and trustworthy nursing and operating team. These are people who know what you want, they know you are looking to become the woman you are, and they will help you get there!

  • Lavie

    Posted: February 25, 2011

    From the moment I met Dr Bart in london for a consultation i knew i would choose him for my ffs, and I feel I have made the right choice. My experience with Dr Bart van de Ven and all his staff was great, he is an amazing person and they make an even better team. During my visit to Gent dr Bart was there every step of the way to explain and to monitor my progress, I always felt I was taken care of. The E=MC2 clinic where the Surgery was preformed was an amazing place, more like a hotel than a clinic except for the Futuristic Operating Room which was more like a scene from star trek. The staff were super helpful having lots of time to devote to me, my recovery, my comfort, and my room had a second bed for my partner(which was great). All meals and refreshments were provided for both of us, and the view in the morning was unbelieveable from the window wall and balcony this really cheered me up to see the trees when I awoke. The day after Surgery I was bathed and had my hair cleaned / dried for me and was driven to my apartment by Dr Bart where he set me up with a cooling mask and a supply of ice packs and medications needed. Every stage of the process Dr Bart was there to assure me and when ever possible I dealt directly with him. From my arrival in Ghent until my cast/stitches removal he was kind, helpful, gentle and professional. I am now 13 days post op and home in my apartment in Ireland, I am eating almost normal foods, feeling strong and very happy. My friends are amazed at how I look more feminine yet still retain my character, (they were quite worried I'd come back with an off the rack barbie doll face, but Dr Bart was very careful to avoid removing any more than was necessary), I am still quite swollen and numb in places but things are quickly returning to normal. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Bart van de Van to anyone considering FFS. He is a very caring person, and his staff are extremely helpful and attentive and over all the experience while being a serious operation was positive and has transformed my life for the better. within a few days of the surgery I was out and about shopping and being a tourist, and already the Mr and Sir, had turned into Miss, and Ma'am. That kind of result speaks for its self.... Thank you Dr Bart Lavie Tuohy

  • Ella

    Posted: February 19, 2011

    I first met Doctor Bart about 6 months prior to FFS surgery and felt very comfortable that he had the skill and understanding to carry out my surgical procedures with both my well being and aesthetic desires in mind In Jan 2011 i underwent full facial feminisation with Dr Bart at the EMC2 clinic in Gent. the procedures i opted for were: lowering of the hairline, forehead recontouring, orbital recontouring, forehead and browlift, rhinoplasty, lower jaw and chin recontouring, trachea shave and liplift. From start to finish I felt that Dr Bart and his team dealt with me in a very caring, honest and re-assuring way. The staff at the EMC2 were fantastic and i felt very comfortable during my recovery. The cooling maching at the EMC2 and at the lovely Borluut b&b were fantastic additions to my recovery and i would reccomend that patients take advantage of these. I am extremely happy with the work that Dr Bart has done for me, even though i am still bruised ( 3 weeks on) people are already addressing me as Ms when i go out. Despite the bruising I already feel very feminine and attractive and cant wait for my healing to progress so that i can see more of my new face. I would be happy to talk to anyone considering surgery with Dr Bart

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