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Facial Feminization Surgery Testimonial

Below you can view video testimonials and read some comments from patients that were treated by dr Bart van de Ven. If you want to get in contact with one of these patients to learn about our facial feminization surgery, you can find their personal e-mail address on their respective testimonial pages and contact them personally. For all other questions, contact info@2passclinic.com.

Jessica after facial feminization surgery

Jessica talks about her first week of recovery after Facial Feminization Surgery

Paris after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Paris

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Leila

Jenny after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Jenny

Franka Facial Feminization Surgery Testimonial

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Franka

Alev after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Alev

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Maja

Jessica before facial feminization surgery

Jessica’s Facial Feminization Surgery journey

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Emily

After facial feminization surgery Caroline

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Caroline

Elle after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Elle

Facial feminization surgery recovery diary testimonial Rachel

Diary Facial Feminization Surgery – Rachel

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Jessica

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Sarah

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery – Olivia

FFS Munroe Bergdorf

Documentary with Munroe Bergdorf having FFS at 2pass Clinic

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery Kim

Testimonial facial feminization surgery Vanessa

German TV report features 2pass Clinic

Review FFS Dr Bart van de Ven

Milas review facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven

review facial feminization surgery before and after

Video testimonial of Danyella after her facial feminization surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven

Facial Feminization surgery review

Facial Feminization Surgery Review from Lena

Testimonial Kymberley after facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery After Video

Jolina’s Facial Feminization Surgery

Alexandra's Facial Feminization Surgery with dr Bart van de Ven testimonial

Alexandra’s Facial Feminization Surgery testimonial

FFS Testimonial

Felicitas facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Jana after facial feminization surgery

Testimonial Jana after her facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery Video

Testimonial Kymberley after her facial feminization surgery

Video Testimonial FFS

Laurens testimonial after facial feminization surgery

Jolina's facial feminization surgery before and after

Jolina and her FFS Surgery

Testimonial facial feminisation surgery

Testimonial Evelyns facial feminization surgery

Dr Bart van de Ven

Dr Bart van de Ven in Antwerp@Work

Testimonial video after facial feminisation surgery with Dr Bart van de Ven 2pass Clinic

Testimonial Ella and her mother after facial feminization surgery

Lena’s Testimonial about Facial Feminization Surgery at 2pass Clinic

Customer Testimonial Video

Nicoles testimonial on her FFS at 2pass Clinic

FFS Surgery Testimonial

Video testimonial from Deeanne

Samantha before and after facial feminisation surgery

Mia before and after facial feminization surgery

Facial Feminisation Testimonial

Video testimonial of Alexia after facial feminisation surgery

Testimonial Before & After

Testimonial Stephie 6 years after facial feminisation surgery

Customer Video Testimonials - FFS

Testimonial Facial Feminization Surgery Chris

Testimonial Facial Feminisation Surgery

Video testimonial Rachel

Facial Feminization Surgery on TV

Dr. Bart van de Ven and FFS in Telefacts

Lucia Lucas got FFS at 2pass Clinic

Opera star, operated by Dr Bart van de Ven, on 3Sat

Recent Comments
  • Sian Lin

    Posted: December 5, 2018

    I had my ffs with DR BART from 2010, 2012, 2017/8 and I can officially said I had all my FFS with dr Bart. Met Bart in Marbella and that was my first step of my journey to my transition. I had tracheal shaved in Marbella and then we discussed about future surgery to improved my facial. So after tracheal shaved I came back to UK and then took my time and think when is the good time to get it done as well as funding. So in 2012 I contacted Dr Bart in Marbella said I would like to proceed with my FFS surgery but sadly he moved to Gent. But that time was early day In gent so he was trying to find a place to have the surgery but I waited and determined that Bart will be the surgeon to take on my FFS. So eventually he and Ellen found a clinic to proceed my FFS. So I went to gent alone and booked in a hotel and then went into have my FFS by Bart. I stayed in a hotel at the time so I spent total 11 days in gent and I have no helps and only I took care of myself. Bart came and visit time to time to make sure all is well. I just rest a lot and eat take out and having an ice box to put on my face every night. Come to think about it I was very brave and strong as I did it all on my own. Only thing I have was my laptop and watching a lot film online . I went back to have second stage of my ffs a few years later which was lips lift and hairline readjusted surgery with Bart and that was still in gent. This time I rented an apartment with sauna and again I was alone stayed for 11 days. Surgery went well and I kept myself to myself and doing everything by myself. Last year I contacted dr Bart and found out he set up a clinic in Antwerp to my surprised I was so delighted to see that as he had offers body augmentation which was one of the reason I was contacting dr Bart. I was thinking to have body augmentation in Bangkok but reluctant to do so as it was a long way to go and also I am not sure about the standard of surgery in BKK. So I contacted the clinic and then booked in to have it done with dr Maarten. The results again is fantastic and I absolutely love it. I also had my chin reduction with dr Bart on the same week when I had my hips augmentation. It was the best decisions I have ever make. So I am officially can say I had full ffs and body augmentation under the umbrella of dr Bart. I still have one to go and already I have enquire if is going to be available in 2pass clinic and he just confirmed to me that in spring it will be available! So I can finally tick all the boxes now as my ffs and body augmentation is completed ..... well one more to go of course. Thank you for the good works and cares and love I have received from the clinic from doctor, nurses and friends I’ve met during my stays and I will be back in spring again. X

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