Our Team

Each and every one who works at 2Pass goes above and beyond to make your experience as positive as possible.

Meet the team

Each and every one who works at 2Pass goes above and beyond to make your experience as positive as possible. We build relationships based on mutual trust and respect. You have around-the-clock care with a team that understands what it means to go through a transition and recognises how emotional and scary it can be.
Your safety and wellbeing always come first. After surgery, a nurse will be with you the entire night. You also have your surgeon’s phone number so you can call him anytime if you have any concerns.

Patients call Elli, our loving and well-loved patient coordinator, an angel. She can never do enough for you. She’ll do everything to fulfill special requests, comes in on the weekends if needed and will simply hold your hand if you need it. You will also meet Jolanda, a trans woman who is now a resident at 2pass Clinic. She knows everything about recovery and is always up for a good chat.

We are also proud to present you our medical team consisting of people that without exception have the highest possible qualifications to ensure you will have a top treatment. Your safety is our first priority.
We are affiliated to the Middelheim hospital which is just a 5 minute drive away from our clinic. This high care hospital is well know in Antwerp for its emergency care and interventional cardiology. In case of emergency we can transfer you instantly to that hospital.

  • Dr Ellen Defrancq
    General management of the clinic
  • Dr Bart van de Ven

Surgeons 2pass Clinic

  • Dr. Bart van de Ven
    Facial Feminisation Surgery
    Maxillofacial surgeon, specialised in facial feminisation surgery
  • Dr. Maarten Doornaert
    Body Feminisation Surgery
    Plastic surgeon, specialised in body feminisation surgery
  • Prof Dr Luc Van Gaal

Other treatment providers

  • Evy Vertonghen
    Electrolysis hair removal
  • Marie Lovery
    Electrolysis hair removal
  • Mallee Hoet
    Electrolysis hair removal
  • Katrien Eerdekens
    Voice Feminisation Speech Therapy
  • Anouk Schuermans
  • Greet Moens
    Personal shopper
  • Sytske Van Wesemael
    Pilates lessons for feminisation of body movements

Supporting medical staff

  • Dr Thierry Scohy
    Specialised in cardiac surgery
  • Dr Vincent Hoffmann
    Specialised in pain relief
  • Tamara de Coster
    Night nurse
  • Els Catrysse
    Theatre nurse
  • Elke Peeters
    Night and morning Nurse
    They call her the patient whisperer:)
  • Bart Pasmans
    Recovery nurse

Non-medical staff

We also have a non-medical staff with a search for perfection that you will experience the minute you cross the doorstep of our clinic.

  • Ariadne Wils
    Freelance administration
    Assisting with several aspects of administrative management

    Ariadne Wils
    Freelance administration

    Try to add some panel text for this employee 😉

  • Elli Geerts
    Patient coordinator
    Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear

    Elli Geerts
    Patient coordinator

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  • Valerie Le Clef
    Administrative executive

    Valerie Le Clef
    Administrative executive

    Try to add some panel text for this employee 😉