Not like most surgeons

Not like most surgeons

Our surgeons are specialists. Dr Bart van de Ven has equaled retired FFS-pioneer Douglas Ousterhout in number of facial feminisation surgeries performed: over 1,200, which means more than 3,000 procedures, all and completely performed by himself. A striking difference though is the price he charges: about 1/3 of the American prices.

FFS with Natural Results

Dr. Bart van de Ven combines years of experience and expertise. He has cultivated a broad range of skills and become proficient in a large number of procedures. What sets him apart is his ability to skilfully blend technical know-how with artistic finesse. It’s a fine line that makes a world of difference in achieving the best natural-looking results. He can turn you into the most feminine version of yourself.

His patients come from all over the world, often through word of mouth. Confident, honest, down-to-earth and realistic, Dr. van de Ven listens to your wishes and explains what he believes is possible and the potential risks. He regularly conducts initial consultations in various international cities. There you can ask questions and discuss different options, making it easier to decide what’s best for you.

Body Feminisation Surgery

Dr. Maarten Doornaert specialised in body feminisation surgery. A highly competent and experienced plastic surgeon, he has done years of scientific research. He works both in a general hospital and in private practice.

Dr. Doornaert is an expert in adding feminine curves to your figure. Whether you’re looking for breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, hip augmentation or liposculpture, Dr. Doornaert is here to help.

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