Foundation for the Promotion of Understanding of Transwomen

Dr. Bart van de Ven and dr. Ellen Defrancq, owners of 2pass Clinic in Belgium, have started a foundation that strives for wider public understanding of issues faced by transgender women.

The aptly-called Foundation for the Promotion of Understanding of Transwomen wants to achieve her goals through “Trans Ambassadors”: a group of transwomen who are prepared to share their experiences with employers, public bodies and other groups. The foundation also wants to provide an online resource centre for information about all kinds of trans-related issues.

Grow awareness

The founders firmly believe that the key to improving the lives of transwomen is to increase public understanding. They hope to grow awareness through presentations and dialogues with employers and organisations. Transwomen at any stage in their transition may contact the foundation and ask for assistance to their manager, human resources department or whoever is involved in trans-related issues. Equally, employers or organisations seeking a speaker or assistance on trans issues may contact the foundation.

The Trans Ambassador Programme will work across Western Europe. Though the programme is still in its initial phase, the foundation hopes to include speakers from the UK, Germany and other European countries.

The first ambassador to join the programme is London-based barrister Robin Moira White who speaks regularly about the issues that transwomen face on the labour market and in the workplace. According to Robin Moira White, public understanding of trans issues has improved in recent years. Yet, even today many transwomen face considerable challenges in their personal and working lives. It also remains difficult for many to have treatment funded, despite the growing availability and effectiveness of procedures such as facial feminization surgery and electrolysis hair removal.


Dr. Bart van de Ven is an internationally known specialist in facial feminization surgery. Together with his partner, Dr. Ellen Defrancq, he founded 2pass Clinic which offers surgery and other treatments for transwomen. Improving the lives of transgender women has become their mission.

The Foundation for the Promotion of Understanding of Transwomen will be funded by Dr. Bart van de Vens consultation fees and through donations and sponsorship. Anyone interested in financially supporting the goals of the foundation is welcome to contact 2pass.


Dr Bart van de Ven donates all his consultation fees to the foundation. That’s between 20.000 and 25.000 euro a year.

How to become a sponsor

If you want to support the Foundation of Promotion for Understanding of Transwomen you can donate to:

Bank account details Cleft surgery organization in Belgium
Name beneficiary: Ellen & Bart van de Ven Foundation
Name and address bank: BNP Paribas Fortis, Strijdersstraat 2, Edegem, Antwerp, Belgium
IBAN: Acount Number:




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