Cleft Surgery Organisation

Cleft Surgery Organisation

Twice a year Dr Bart van de Ven performs cleft surgeries in developing countries. This is a treatment that improves quality of life so much that we think it should be available to all. This is why we founded the Cleft Surgery Organisation.

Mission of the Cleft Surgery Organisation

The mission of the Cleft Surgery Organization is to provide free surgery to poor children with a cleft. Clefts are a major problem in developing countries, where millions of children suffer from unoperated clefts. Most of them cannot eat or speak properly and live in shame and isolation.

What we do

The organization provides free cleft surgery to people who cannot afford it. Twice a year we organize missions to developing countries where Dr Bart van de Ven and his colleagues conduct surgery on the affected children. An average of 100 children are helped every year. The cost of one operation performed in a developing country is around 100 €.

cleft dr bart van de ven before cleft dr bart van de ven before
Donations: help us to help

€100 euro/smile

  • For 100 euro we can operate a child and offer it a smile
  • Help us to help
  • Dr Bart van de Ven donates all his consultation fees integrally to the Cleft Surgery Organisation.

Payment details for donations

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