About 2Pass Clinic

2pass Clinic is a group of professionals helping trans women to pass as the women they are.

About 2pass Clinic

The moment you enter 2pass Clinic, you’ll realise that it’s more than just a clinic. It’s a place where you’ll feel at home, can meet others and recover in a safe environment surrounded by a team of transgender and FFS surgeons who understand.

Our Mission

2pass Clinic is one of top transgender plastic surgery clinics that wants to improve the lives of trans women and bring transgender women and society closer together. Our desire is not only to help you pass successfully; we also want to partner with you in the process, empowering you to live the life you want.

This ethos is embedded in everything we do as individuals, as a team and as a transgender plastic surgery clinic.

Promise 2pass

What does this promise mean? Simple. If you have had all recommended feminisation treatments with us and followed our advice, yet still have demonstrable problems with your passing, you’ll get your money back.

Total care under one roof

As world reference in transgender plastic surgery for effectively and naturally feminising the face (FFS), the body and the voice, 2pass Clinic offers a range of services with the needs of transwomen in mind. You’ll find everything under one roof:

You are also more than welcome if you’re simply looking for finishing touches such as body movement or make-up. And all is conducted by a team of highly-qualified practitioners, nurses and beauticians who practice this day in and day out.

Guest friendly and Modern

2pass Clinic is located in Antwerp, Belgium, easy to reach by plane and train. It’s a lively city, known for its multilingual, guest friendly and safe atmosphere.

Even though 2pass Clinic is fitted with the latest equipment of a state-of-the-art hospital, you’ll have the impression that you stepped into a warm home. Spacious, clean and modern, its well-designed interior offers a welcoming and serene ambiance.

Our warm and welcoming staff speaks your language and reassures that you’re in the right hands. Patients can stay for a week in our convenient and comfortable guest rooms on the top floor of the clinic which feel more like hotel rooms. No need to move from the clinic during your complete stay in Antwerp. And your family or friends are always welcome! The guesthouse serves as a safe haven where our patients can be in all quietness and supported by our patient coordinator Elli Geerts, and our permanent resident Jolanda, until they’re ready to return home.

Transwomen are queen

2pass Clinic is a private clinic which specialises in transwomen. Listening to thousands of patients over the years, we understand your concerns and the sensitivities you face. That’s why we do our best to ensure you receive the highest level of professional and personal care.

This is what makes us different:

  • Top quality of surgery
  • A stay of one week in our clinic
  • A resident (transwoman and former patient) is living in our clinic, so 24/7 there is somebody in the building you can reach
  • Highly competent team of practitioners
  • During recovery many patients use the lost time to do a complete intensive clearing of their facial hair (painfree with our pain pump)
  • Warm and welcoming staff who speak your language
  • Hundreds of happy patients who preceded you and now enjoy life at their feminine best.

We also try to create more awareness and understanding in society of what is means to be a transwoman. We hope that in future transwomen can be treated faster and better so they can have as normal as possible lives from an early age. We want to create understanding in society for the transition process so as to fight against the stigma and victimization of transwomen and stand up for the rights of trans women. For this purpose we created a foundation.

2Pass Clinic family

The 2pass Clinic family

2Pass Clinic Reception

The reception of the clinic at ground level.

2Pass Clinic Waiting Room

The waiting room at ground level of the clinic.

Doctor Consultation

Consultation with Dr Bart van de Ven.

Belgium FFS Plastic Surgery Clinics

The operation theatre.

Client’s Operation

The theatre nurse will assist you in all steps during the operation.

Facial Feminization Surgery Doctors

Dr Bart van de Ven and assisting nurse during the operation.

Hair Removal Clinic

The recovery

Operation Room

The recovery.

Voice and Speech Therapist

Sterilisation room

Feminization Doctor

Elli Geerts, our patient coordinator at the reception of the guesthouse. She is available from 9-17h.

2Pass Clinic Kitchen

Living area with open kitchen view in the Guesthouse in the Clinic where you can stay for one week.

2Pass Clinic Rest Room

Of course you can always go back to your private room to rest or relax.

2Pass Clinic Bathroom



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