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Our mission

2Pass feminisation centre is a group of professionals helping transwomen to pass as the women they are. Our mission is to pass and let pass: bringing transwomen and society closer together

  • 2pass— Give confidence to transwomen to live their lives as the women they are: As conservative as possible, as aggressive as needed, always aiming at a natural result.
  • Let pass—Creating of understanding for the transition process in society.

Crucial for this passing are the looks and the voice. We therefore offer feminisation of the face, the body and the voice.We have nurses and beauticians that do laser hair removal and electrolysis of the face and body and permanent make­up. We also try to create more awareness and understanding in society of what is means to be a transwoman. We hope that in future transwomen can be treated faster and better so they can have as normal as possible lives from an early age.

The 2pass feminisation centre is located in o2 clinic in Antwerp in Belgium. Patients can stay for the whole duration of their treatment and recovery in Guesthouse B in the top floor of the clinic. This guesthouse serves as a safe heaven where our patients can be in all quietness and supported by our patient coordinator Elli Geerts until they’re ready to return home .

Promise 2Pass

We realise that a complete MtF transition for many is involved with a lot of money, money that most of you can only spend once. We therefore feel obliged to give you a ‘Promise 2Pass’.
In case you have had all recommended treatments with us and followed all our advise which may include facial, body and voice feminisation, (permanent) make-up, hairstyling, way to dress and move as a women and you still have demonstrable problems with your passing you’ll have your money back.

Why choose 2Pass feminisation centre?

  • Promise 2Pass
  • Belgium in the heart of Europe: Operation in Antwerp (Belgium), one hour flying from London and Berlin.
  • Language: Belgians are multilingual, so is our staff. All Belgians speak english, most speak some German. Dr Bart speaks fluently English, German (studied in Germany) and Dutch.
  • State of the art hospital with experienced and dedicated staff. Your safety our main concern.
  • Stay of one week in the clinic: after your operation you don’t need to move from the clinic. You can stay the whole week in the guesthouse in the clinic.
  • Patient coordinator Elli Geerts: sweetest lady on earth. She will support during your complete stay in the clinic.
  • Dedicated night nurse: During the first night after the operation people often feel a bit scared. Our night nurse will be with you the

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Worldwide consultations: 55.924586, 10.195313
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