7 ways to convince your insurance to pay back your electrolysis session at 2pass Clinic

Posted on December 20, 2018 by Aaricia

Depending on where you’re from, chances are high it is hard to get your insurance to refund your electrolysis hair removal treatment. However, experience tells us when you refuse to give up, often insurances give in. And we definitely recommend you have a lawyer write a letter on your behalf after you have received the first denial from your health insurance to cover the costs of your electrolysis. You will be taken much more seriously.
Some patients have successfully received a refund for electrolysis with us already. With these 7 arguments you can try to convince your insurance to receive a refund for your electrolysis treatment at 2pass clinic yourself!

7 ways to convince your insurance to pay back your electrolysis at 2pass clinic

7 ways to convince your insurance to pay back your electrolysis hair removal treatment at 2pass clinic


1 – We are doctors

Insurances in France, Germany and Switzerland for example want the electrolysis to be performed under the responsibility of a doctor. At 2pass clinic Dr Ellen Defrancq is responsible for the electrolysis division. Beauticians perform the work under her supervision. Very few doctors are into electrolysis.

2 – Our hourly rate is moderate

We charge 100 euro an hour including pain pump.

More info on the cost of electrolysis

3 – We have pain medication

Electrolysis is painful for most people. Patients can usually not tolerate electrolysis for over an hour without any medication because of the pain.

This is why at 2pass Clinic we have created a solution so the patient can tolerate our intensive program comprised of longer sessions up to 8 hours a day, for several days in a row. We use a pain pump to make you more comfortable during the treatment, as it makes the pain bearable. Because we have nurses and doctors available in our clinic we can give you very strong intravenous pain medication. If you still think the pain is too much for you, we can inject local anaesthesia on top.

Why is this so much more cost- and time efficient?
Removing your facial hair permanently normally takes several years. The number of hours needed to permanently clear a face from hair varies from 90 to 300 hours, on average 100 to 150 hours.  So you would need around 100 to 150 sessions of an hour with a normal electrologist, without pain medication. This means you would have to let your beard grow and go outside 100 to 150 times as well, which is mentally and emotionally very challenging for trans women.

If you follow the intensive program composed of several 8-hour long days with pain pump per session, you will only need 4 to 10 sessions to fully clear the face. And you will only need to travel 4 to 10 times as well, which also reduces the cost.

More info on pain and electrolysis

4 – We have the most experience

Nobody offers quite the same quality of electrolysis hair removal as we do in Belgium. 2pass clinic is the leading clinic providing this method in Europe these days. We are using the latest electrolysis equipment from Canada’s top manufacturer (Dectro International), and we also received a masterclass diploma from their school.
Dr Ellen Defrancq organises a day of training with her electrolysis staff every 6 weeks to refresh knowledge and have the electrologists exchange experiences.

5 – We are the most cost and time efficient solution

As we are a clinic with the highest standards for electrolysis, you may rest assured we’re the most cost- and time- efficient option worldwide. The hair removal specialists will get more done in a shorter amount of time than anywhere else, which lowers the total cost.
This means that not only the patient is going to be much happier. The treatment also is less costly for the insurance companies. You should explain this to your health insurance. 

6 – An experienced electrologist may not be available in your region

It is critical you find an electrologist who is capable of removing your facial hair with a minimum of treatment, but without causing unsightly scarring, pitting, or discolouration of the skin. Since the facial hair of the male beard is difficult to remove, it is important that trans women seek an electrologist who is experienced with the removal of male hairs. Preferably one who has worked extensively with trans women. This is not always possible, however, because of geographic limitations.

At 2pass Clinic we developed an intensive program for the clearing of facial and genital areas that can speed up the process tremendously and solve the problem for transgender women who live far from a suitable electrologist. You have to travel to Belgium only a couple of times (between 4-10 times, depending on your personal response and the willingness to come back instead of finishing locally). We can work this intensively because we use a pain pump to keep the pain under control.

7. We have patients that have already received a refund for electrolysis from their insurance

A patient from Germany shared the decision of her insurance with us, in which we can read that she received a refund for 80 hours of electrolysis hair removal at 2pass clinic.


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