5 body features that make a body look masculine

Posted on May 9, 2019 by Aaricia

As we know, there is a general difference in male and female forms. Men and women have distinctly different features regarding the way the body is built. There is the presence or absence of wider hips, thicker thighs and buttocks, breasts, shoulders, body hair… Together these characterize what we could call a masculine or a feminine looking body.

Overall shape of the Male vs female body

Men often have an apple shape, which means that body fat collects mainly in the abdominal area. Women are more pear-shaped: the body fat is concentrated more in the buttocks, hips and thighs.

Apple shape vs Pear shaped body

Apple shape vs Pear shaped body

1 – Male vs Female Hips

The area of the hip bone is distinctly different between the male and female body, as shown in the illustration below.

  • Men have generally have less hips than women. Men don’t really have a “waist”. Waist and hips are almost just as wide. Their body generally has more of a rectangular or an inverted triangular shape.
  • Women generally have relatively wider hips than men, with a smooth soft waist-to-hip line. The waist is narrower than the hips. The so-called ideal feminine shape resembles an hourglass.

Frontal view male hips

Frontal view male hips

Frontal view female hips

Frontal view female hips

With liposuction and lipofilling your own body fat can be used to create more feminine hips. This is called a hip augmentation.

2 – Male vs Female Buttocks

The shape of the buttocks typically differs among women and men. This you can see in the illustration below, in which the left represents an ideal male shape, and the right an ideal female shape.

In three quarters view

  • In men, the buttocks are far less voluminous than those of women.
  • In women there is a smoother transition from the lower back to the buttocks.
  • Where in women the shape is round, it is more flat in men.

Three quarters view male buttocks

Three quarters view male buttocks

Three quarters view female buttocks

Three quarters view female buttocks

Frontal ideal view

  • In men, the behind is flatter. The arrow depicts the area that is more hollow as opposed to voluminous. The arrow on the illustration of the woman points towards the area that is generally more full and round. 
  • The line to the left of the hips suggests that in men, this transition from waist to hips is not very smooth. There is a near straight vertical line. Whereas in women, there is a smooth waist-to-hips transition. 

Frontal view male buttocks

Frontal view male buttocks

Frontal view female buttocks

Frontal view female buttocks

With liposuction and lipofilling your own body fat can be used to create a fuller and rounder butt, creating these smoother transitions and more voluminous effect. You could also opt for a butt augmentation with implants.

3 – Male vs Female Chest

The difference between a man’s and a woman’s chest is quite clear:

  • Men typically don’t have breast, women do.
  • Men’s nipples and areolas are quite small. Generally, the nipples and the areolas of women are larger and wider in diameter.
  • The sternum, the piece of bone in the middle of your chest to which your ribs are attached, is larger in men. This causes the space between the nipples to be larger.

Male chest

Male chest

Female chest

Female chest

With liposuction and lipofilling your own body fat can be used to create a fuller breast. If this is not sufficient, breast implants are an option. Read more about breast augmentation.

4 – Male vs Female Shoulders

  • During puberty, men develop broad, tall shoulders and wide sternums. Women, however, do not see any changes in this area throughout their adolescence.
  • Because of the change in shoulder width, the body shape of the man changes and turns into an inverted triangle. An inverted triangle means the shoulders are wide, as opposed to the hips, which are narrow.

If you have broad shoulders as a woman, there are ways to make them visually less apparent. Women’s shoulders can optically look less wide through certain types of clothing, for example.

5 – Body hair

Men tend to have a lot more body hair than women, and in different places too. Specific parts of the body where men have hair and women mostly don’t, are:

  • Face
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks

When you feel that there is hair growing in unwanted places, you could have it permanently removed by means of electrolysis hair removal.

Societal and cultural context

In all of these so-called ideal shapes and sizes, one must keep in mind that these are always influenced by societal and cultural preferences. There are multiple perceptions of what constitutes the ideal female body shape, and these also largely change over time.

Surgical intervention through Body Feminization Surgery can be a solution to those in which HRT doesn’t achieve the desired soft tissue changes.
Read more about the body changes after Hormone Replacement Therapy


I am interested in a surgery, in which country do you perform FFS and BFS?

Dr Bart van de Ven (FFS) travels to different European cities for consultations twice every month, but surgery is only performed in Antwerp, Belgium. Dr Maarten Doornaert (BFS) on occasion also travels for consultations, but also only performs surgery in Antwerp.

What if there are post-op complications?

It doesn’t happen often, but should there be a complication during your stay, you can notify Petra (our permanent resident) or one of the night nurses and they will get in contact with the surgeon if they can’t help you themselves. There will always be someone by your side.

When you leave our clinic, you will receive the phone number of the surgeon in case a complication were to arise later on.

How long should I wait when I am on HRT before I get a breast augmentation?

Body Feminization surgeon Dr Maarten Doornaert would recommend to wait about 16 months. To know why , read more here.

When should I stop my HRT treatment?


You can continue your HRT treatment before, during and after your FFS. You will receive an anti-thrombotic injection the day before surgery to prevent blood clotting. We prefer you to continue taking your hormones because FFS is emotionally already perturbing enough without messing with your hormone balance.


Only for implant surgery of the buttock and hips we ask to stop one week before the surgery. The day after surgery you can continue your HRT treatment. This because this type of surgery implies some immobilisation (obliged) after the surgery. In this case the risk for blood clots is higher.

You still have another question? Feel free to ask! We will answer your question and if generally applicable add it to the FAQ of this page.

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