3 reasons for trans women to start with the removal of facial hair as quick as possible

Posted on September 18, 2018 by Ellen Defrancq

Electrolysis hair removal is high on the list of things trans women most desire. A substantial amount of trans women think this is even more important than SRS or FFS. What’s the best time to start? Our advice is: let hair removal be one of the first steps you take during your transition. If possible, the very first. Even before you will start visibly living as a woman full time.

Are you choosing to do hormone therapy? Hormones won’t remove the beard. You could start hair removal and hormones at the same time, or even start with hair removal before starting hormone therapy. Why?

3 reasons for trans women to start with the removal of facial hair as quick as possible

1. Beard shadow is a very real problem

Do you want to live your life as a woman comfortably, beard shadow is a very real problem. This is something every trans woman knows. Having to shave daily is not a satisfactory solution for most. The stubble grows back fast, and the typical blue greyish hue remains visible. Sometimes one even has to shave twice a day, and use a lot of makeup. This is time consuming, and one is stuck with the uncomfortable sensation that someone would be able to see through the cosmetics.

2. It’s time consuming

It’s time consuming so it’s best to start as soon as possible, preferably before presenting yourself as a woman full time. If you’re lucky, and you have dark hair and a light skin color, laser could be all you need. You would still need 8 sessions, with a month in between each appointment. In 60% of cases however, laser doesn’t work or not sufficiently. In those cases, the only solution is electrolysis.

Electrolysis hair removal works for all hair types and skin types on all people. A disadvantage of electrolysis is that’s is a slow process. For some it takes two years to clear facial hair. A treatment each week and not being allowed to shave for three days before the next session, not a great prospect.

There’s also a way to speed up the electrolysis process. You could choose to have an intensive electrolysis hair removal program, like we offer at 2pass Clinic. In just four four-day sessions, spread over six months, you will be freed from virtually your entire beard. This not only takes less time, but less money at the end of the ride, too.

3. Give yourself the power of confidence

You’re making it easier on yourself if you can make sure there is one important thing less to stress about. Hair removal as the start of your transition is very empowering. And this boosts the confidence that is needed to continue this important chapter in your life.

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