2pass Clinic makes Voice app for trans women

Posted on February 17, 2017 by Ellen Defrancq

A speech therapist that you take home. This is how one can define the voice app for trans women to be launched by 2pass Clinic during late March 2017. This app makes it easy for transgender women to do voice and speech exercises at home (or elsewhere).

The app was developed by Katrien Eerdekens, voice therapist at 2pass Clinic, and Danielle Lang, a trans woman from Switzerland. As a speech therapist, Katrien is responsible for the contents of the app. Danielle is responsible for the technology. She has also been a patient of Dr. Bart van de Ven and had a vocal cord surgery followed by 24 sessions of speech therapy.

In the following video Katrien briefly describes the app. Below the video she goes into more detail.

Katrien, why did you create this voice app?

“I graduated as a speech therapist and specialized in voice disorders. For my thesis I developed an app together with my male cousin so patients could practice their voices. This app was not specifically for trans women. When I started to work at 2pass Clinic, I was lucky that Bart and Ellen had great faith in me and found my app a to be great idea. So then I designed specific exercises designed for transgenders. Voice therapy is very intense. You will master new behavior and in this way will develop a healthy and feminine voice. That is not easy and requires lots of exercise. It is not always easy to get patients to exercise as much as they actually should. t doesn’t always fit into their daily schedule. They fear that people may hear them or quickly assume that they can already do it. But you have to go to a lot of trouble to listen to your own voice and to really make this sound you own. With this app, they can practice much better at home and that ensures that they are motivated.”

“Would they now no longer need the speech therapist?

“Yes, they will. The app is a only complementary to the therapy. They will not be able to follow the app if they don’t have the background. It actually is for meant for practice. What they have learned from me they take them home in the app: my voice, my examples, my exercises. Each person gets a personal account so they can follow up their voice evolution. I also decide which exercises they will do. Each voice is different. One must work on breathing, while someone else already has good breathing support. In which case one should not make changes to it. It therefore is very personal, and I determine which exercises are needed. An important aspect is that they can record their own voice and send it to me. I then provide feedback. The user can also give a rating, such as:  I found this exercise useful.   I can also adapt the exercises and improve them if necessary.”

The 2pass Clinic Voice app will soon be available in the Google Play store and the Apple app store. Can one also download the app if you are not a 2pass Clinic patient ?

“Yes, but there are limitations. It is advised to use the app in collaboration with the voice therapist. But if you have a different voice therapist, in another country, for example who has knowledge of all these exercises, I think you can also work at it with the support of such voice therapist. It is also useful for patients of 2pass Clinic who come from abroad. If they’re here for surgery, they also come to me. Then I have a short and intense session with them as I have with patients I do not see every week. For them, that app is very interesting, because they can take me with them to their country.”

Recent Comments
  • clio

    Posted: March 5, 2018

    I searched, and the app is not coming up in the Apple app store. I think we need a direct link to it. I've tried for 20 minutes and am kind of giving up on getting this voice app installed on my iPad....

    • Katrien Eerdekens

      Posted: March 6, 2018

      Hi Cleo, this is right. After the tragic passing away of our colleague who is the maker of the voice app, we decided to close it down for a while. We are currently working hard to get the voice app going again! Thank you for your interest in our voice app, Katrien Eerdekens, voice therapist 2pass clinic.

  • Lisa Notredame

    Posted: March 24, 2017

    Hallo, Me even voorstellen ik transvrouw Lisa Notredame en ben al anderhalf uit de kast gekomen, ben nu al 4 maanden hormonen aan het nemen. Nu zou ik graag aan mijn stem werken omwille ik dagelijks geconfronteerd teerde woed van ze aan de telefoon meneer zeggen. Hoe en waar kan ik nu al beginnen oefenen om mijn stem meer vrouwelijker te laten klinken? Groetjes Lisa

    • Katrien Eerdekens

      Posted: March 24, 2017

      Beste Lisa, het is moeilijk om hier concreet op te antwoorden aangezien ik dan eerst jouw stemklank zou moeten horen. Er zijn immers verschillende aspecten die een stem 'mannelijk' of 'vrouwelijk' laten klinken. Hormonen hebben helaas amper/geen impact op de stem bij een transvrouw. Je mag me steeds mailen op: voicetherapy@2passclinic.com. Groetjes, Katrien, logopediste.

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