Professionals in naturally
feminising your Face, Body & Voice

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Your safety is our first concern

We have a top-notch team, all the latest equipment and a cosy guesthouse.

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More than
just a clinic

The clinic contains a cosy guesthouse with permanent resident. You can stay for the week under our total care.

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to pass

As conservative as possible, as aggressive as needed but always aiming at a natural result.

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2pass Clinic

You are in good and caring hands

Why people worldwide choose
2Pass Clinic

  • Promise 2pass, our unique guarantee
  • Natural-looking results from surgery performed by leading experts
  • Former patients warmly recommend our services
  • Easy-to-reach location in the heart of Europe
  • State-of-the-art hospital with dedicated staff and in-house guest rooms
  • Consultations in Antwerp, London, Berlin, Munich, New York and Sydney

The magic of transition

Our team of people are our core strength. Each and every one who works at 2Pass
goes above and beyond to make your experience as positive as possible
and all relationships are based on mutual trust and respect.

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